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The Best Full-Time Jobs for Unconventional Moms Who Can’t Do 9-5

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 Being a mom is tough, and being a mom that must work full-time jobs just adds to the stressors.  However, full-time jobs no longer need to mean 9-5, as many moms today simply can’t make that work. After all, this would mean finding a babysitter or needing someone else to start dinner, and sometimes this just doesn’t make sense. Instead of adding more stress to your life with a corporate 9-5 job you don’t like, consider one of these full-time unconventional jobs that will allow you to be more flexible with your schedule to benefit your children.


Grab yourself a nice camera, some great backdrops, and take a quick photography class, and you can find yourself earning a decent amount of income and being your own boss. Many photographers work for themselves and enjoy the freedom it brings and the creativity you can provide. Plus, this is something you can easily do all year round, and you can take on more clients when it’s necessary and less when life gets in the way. And since you will be the only one running the show, you get to reap all the benefits (and you don’t have to pay for someone else to take your kids’ pictures anymore).


There are a lot of companies today who see the value in content, and many are allowing writers to work from home. If you can put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), then this could be a good job for you. Many companies allow you to set your own schedule, so you can work early mornings, while the kids are at school, or late at night depending on what fits in your schedule. Plus, you can look for something easy, such as writing reviews on products you use already, to having something more involved, like being a content editor for a professional marketing company. No matter what your writing goals are, you can make them come true and still provide and be there for your family.

Customer Service

Most larger companies today realize the benefit that comes with remote workers, and many are letting their customer service representatives work from home. If you can handle customer questions and/or complaints in a professional way, then you’ll want to try your hand at customer service position. Companies like Amazon, American Express, and Apple are constantly looking for qualified and talented people to join their team, so be sure to see what options are available for you.

Truck Driver

This is definitely one of the most unconventional jobs out there, but a job in trucking can be just what you need to be there for your family. For instance, most trucking companies allow drivers to set their own schedules, so based on where you need to be, you could end up running your entire shift when the kids are at school or overnight while they’re asleep. This allows you to better balance your job as a mom with your job as a professional and tackle a career that makes you proud.


Do you have an eye for detail? Do you constantly watch HGTV? If so, then being a home designer may be the right answer for you. In this profession, you get to do what you love and do it on your own schedule, which means you can easily ensure you’re around in time to drop off or pick your kids up from school. Plus, if you’re the only one there in the house you’re working on, it could be a fun way to let your kids help and see what it is mommy does all day.


Licensed realtors have a tough job, but you have a flexible job that allows you to make time for your family. Plus, you get to see some great houses and possibly even find your dream neighborhood. As a real advantage, those who work hard in higher-end markets could also make a great living without having to work 40 hours a week. If this sounds like something you’re up for, then take the test to become a realtor and get your license.

There’s no rule that says working full-time requires you to work from 9-5. If you’re interested in a job that provides flexibility, then consider one of these options and see how it can be beneficial to you and your family.

John Miller is a home improvement and design expert who loves sharing what he has learned throughout his career on various online media and websites.