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Balance Your Plate with DiGiorno pizzeria!

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Balance Your Plate and DiGiorno. As part of the collaboration, I received product and incentives in exchange for participating in the program.


Summertime and fun go together like DIGIORNO® and dinner. One of our favorite quick and easy meals to make during summer are DiGiorno pizzeria!™ and pizzeria! thin crust pizzas! We eat them because they are delicious and crafted using the highest quality ingredients possible. We love the pizzeria style crust and with toppings like 100% real cheese, premium meats, and ripe crisp vegetables you just can’t go wrong. None of their pizzas contain any artificial flavors so all you taste are the most delicious ingredients. To balance our plate, we serve our DiGiorno with a salad on the side and sometimes even fruit.

Balancing your plate is important. According to experts, US consumers only meet 2% of their recommended dietary intake. I know it’s difficult sometimes to eat a balanced meal when you have a hectic schedule. When you are pressed for time frozen foods can be a convenient and wholesome way to meet all your nutritional needs.  When you pair pizza with fresh or steamed vegetables or fruits and limit your portion size to what is recommended, you can be confident you are getting all you need to stay healthy and happy.

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Today we enjoyed a Primo Pepperoni and Supreme Speciale with an Italian salad on the side.

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MMM good!

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All DIGIORNO pizzeria!™  thin crust pizzas start with a thin, preservative-free crust that’s drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for a hint of flavor and then topped with a sauce made from scratch using vine-ripened tomatoes and flavored with basil, thyme, and oregano. When I have the time and for an extra kick, I like to add slices of fresh garlic and fresh herbs to my pizza. When I don’t have time for all that jazz or if I ran out of fresh ingredients, I will use powdered garlic and herbs. I love these pizzas and I love extra flavor! Don’t you?

New pizzeria! thin crust pizzas are available in Supreme Speciale, Margherita, Primo Pepperoni, Chicken Parmigiana and Spicy Sausage Italiano. The salad I choose to accompany our meal depends on which flavor pizza we are having. We love green salads, cobb salads, wedge, caesar, Greek, and just about every other kind. What I love about salad is how well it pairs with pizza. There is just something magical about eating a bite of DiGiorno followed by a mouthful of salad. The pizza salad combo will always be one of my favorite go-to meals for when I am hungry, pressed for time, or in need of a little comfort food.

For more balanced meal ideas check out Nestle’s Balance Your Plate campaign. You can find all kinds of meal plans and suggestions for pairing frozen prepared foods with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. I really enjoy looking through all the creative combinations that are available to help people eat well and get all the nutrients they need. The Balance Your Plate Resource really helps me rise to the occasion when it comes to healthy eating and meal planning and it can help you too.

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What do you like with your pizza?