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Back-to-School Breakfast Sandwich at Home

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It’s that time of the year. My son is going back to school in less than a month so we have been stocking the freezer in anticipation of busy schedules and rush hour mornings. We went to Publix earlier this week and let him pick out some of his favorites, all of which happen to be Jimmy Dean. Between the breakfast sandwich and the breakfast bowls the only other things he added were the pancakes & sausage. A breakfast sandwich at home is one of his top of the list items because that way he can still enjoy the weekend taste in weekday time!

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Once schools starts back up we are going to be really busy and now that he is in middle school (yes my baby is in 6th grade), it’s time to teach him how to make his own breakfast. So we did a run through so he could see just how quickly he can make himself a breakfast sandwich at home or breakfast bowl if that is what he prefers.

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All he has to do is pop it out of the packaging, wrap it in a paper towel, microwave, flip, and microwave again. In less than 5 minutes he will be eating a REAL egg, English muffin, cheese, and Canadian bacon breakfast sandwich. He can even eat it on his way to the bus stop on those days when he is running late.

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Now that he knows how to make his breakfast sandwich and his breakfast bowl I feel good knowing that he will not be missing the most important meal of the day. I’m hoping that means he’ll have a healthy brain and healthier body to help him tackle the demands of middle school.  Regardless, I know he is getting a good breakfast sandwich at home and that makes me a happy mom.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Jimmy Dean is the sausage brand I always look for. These breakfast ideas are good choices for before school breakfast especially if he is making them himself.

  2. Before my Dad died, I did a lot of grocery shopping for him. I would ask him what he wanted me to get and the one thing alway on the list was Jimmy Dean.

  3. Definitely back to school time. When I was growing up I had to get up early just to make cereal for myself…but we all know cereal isnt filling. These breakfast sandwiches look like it will be perfect to make for morning getting ready for school!

  4. Oh, we love english muffins for breakfast. I had no idea that Jimmy Dean made some. What a great breakfast for those mornings when you just can’t get moving.

  5. I keep looking at the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and bowls and wondering if I would actually eat breakfast if I bought a couple of them. I will have to check to make sure they can be made in the oven as my microwave died.

  6. Yes, in a couple of weeks it will be time to stack up on a lot of Jimmy Dean’s products. Always been a favorite in my household. Those english muffins are so delicious and quick to make.

  7. michelle bowman says

    I have never heard about this brand , but it seems great it would be perfect for breakfast and it is easy to prepare no hassle at all gonna check this when i’m in the groceries thank you for sharing

  8. Yum. This looks great. I wish I could find them in the stores here. I would love a box or two for the busy early mornings.

  9. Yumm! I haven’t had a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich in such a long time. I just might have to go pick some up now!

  10. My family LOVES Jimmy Dean breakfast items. They are so convenient for hectic mornings!

  11. I love Jimmy Dean breakfasts – I’m usually never awake for breakfast, so having Jimmy Dean allows me to get my breakfast foods in, without having to be up early, lol : )

  12. They are absolutely delicious! I used to keep those Jimmy Dean sandwiches on hand until I got my breakfast sandwich maker. I totally need something like that in the mornings because I am hypoglycemic and the protein helps keep my levels in check. This definitely great on the go or any morning.

  13. Breakfast will definitely be easy with this. I haven’t tried Jimmy Dean’s, but I will look for this next time I go to the grocery store.

  14. michelle bowman says

    i never heard about this. but it seems great it would be perfect for breakfast and it is easy to prepare no hassle at all gonna check this when i’m in the groceries

  15. A good breakfast sandwich at home does really rock. I’ m glad you found one you like.

  16. I call this an express breakfast sandwich. I think kids will enjoy this product and adult too… This is a very smart way to prepare breakfast for busy people.

  17. Jmmy Dean is a favorite in my home especially during the school months. It’s a healthy breakfast for both me and the kiddies on those crazy rushed mornings…

  18. This is a good idea for a quick, grab n’ go brekafast in the morning. I prefer making everything from scratch so I would definitely make my own version of this!

  19. What a great deal! This would be perfect for my son’s lunch.

  20. Wow, that looks pretty good. Sounds like a balanced and tasty meal for busy mornings. Will definitely try these out. TY!