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Are you in the Frigo Zone?

This post brought to you by Frigo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you in the Frigo Zone?

Until recently, I have always been a boxer shorts kind of guy. “Tighty Whities” have always been out of the question in my book. I have never really been in to the whole confined feeling down below. Plus, from what I’ve heard from the ladies, there is just something creepy about a grown man who still wears them…

Men’s underwear has never really been a huge topic for conversation which is why some men, would rather go commando than stuff themselves into garb tighter than the wrappings of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. The ideal undergarment balances presentation with comfort. The only problem is us guys don’t really talk about our briefs and have basically just accept whatever is on the shelf. That is why there has been virtually no advancement in the basic design of men’s underwear.

Women are always looking for the best bra that provides the best support and have no problems discussing such topics. Having so many options affords women the opportunity to customize the fit of their unders. All the while men’s jockeys remain essentially the same. We need support too! Don’t get me wrong there are many different styles and lengths but the basic cut is the same. Nobody provides you with any wiggle room and as a result you are left feeling smothered and covered like an order of Waffle House hash browns if you know what I mean…

Without Santa’s magic his sack would never fit in the sleigh. After all he has to deliver toys and such to everyone in the world… Unless you somehow acquired a bit of Santa’s magic you have probably spent a lifetime in discomfort and may not even know it. I had no idea how uncomfortable my skivvies were until I was given my first pair of Frigo’s!

Frigo has developed a new line of men’s undergarment called RevolutionWear. RevolutionWear is the underwear of the future designed to accommodate the male organ like nothing before. Before RevolutionWear underwear manufacturers failed to account for the extra space our parts require leaving us jammed up like rush hour traffic. Leave the cramming for academia I say! Frigo gives you the power to take charge and keep things right where they belong, comfortably with their patented signature feature, the FRIGO Zone, which is an adjustable mesh pouch that provides ultimate support coupled with a soft lock adjustment system for the most personalized fit on the market. Plus they make the whole “thing” more presentable which is always ideal.

Ladies, if you want to give your man something amazing this holiday season order him a few pairs of Frigo. It’s a win-win situation. Frigo may look like mere eye candy to you but they are actually the new best thing since sliced bread.  Are you in the Frigo Zone?

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  1. I have never heard of the Frigo brand before but might have to give them a try. The design looks comfortable and form fitting. Thanks for turning me on to a new type of underwear.