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Are Yellow Dresses in Fashion?

As long as there have been colors, there have been tricky colors to wear. A color can qualify as tricky as in tricky to make or produce, tricky to keeps its color after washes, or simply tricky to wear. Yellow meets at least three of these categories, because it is hard to make, doesn’t last long, and is rather difficult to wear.

Two takes on yellow

Yellow has some negative associations: yellow fever, yellow (as in cowardly), yellow journalism, jaundice, yellow with age.

The Spanish Royal House of Trastamara was fond of yellow and black; were they all Hufflepuffs? Either that or they liked showing off how much saffron they had. This history isn’t the only reason why yellow is hard to wear. Its brightness can be jarring and divisive, it is the least favorite color in the world.

50 shades of yellow

When it looks good on a wall or person, it looks good. But when it looks bad, it looks bad. The paler you are, the more limited your good yellows are. Shades of yellow are all over the place There are warm yellows, pale yellows, pastel yellows, earthy yellows, gold yellows, and of course, brownish yellows.

Finding a good yellow

When looking for your yellow dress, do your research. Consider your skin tone, look up shades of yellow, and find one you like that looks good. The darker your skin tone, the more options you have.

If your skin tone has yellow undertones, be bold. Very warm, very green, any very shade of yellow works, the more yellow the better, who says you can’t wear it? Don’t let the fashion police hold you back.

Midrange skin tones, such as bronze or tan, look best in warm, earthy, and gold yellows. For paler folks, pastels work best, but a very yellow stands out.

Here are some shades from Pantone to consider.

Good yellows

Pantone 2010 C

Before you get older and start disliking orange, this fruity shade is tropical but autumnal, not quite the color of a pumpkin but maybe a pumpkin spice latte. It’s also agreeable to most skin tones.

Pantone 7549 C

This goldish orange is similar to Pantone 7549, but toned down. It is also closer to yellow and is popular in fashion and home decor.

Pantone 386 C

This is lime green, but the lime green you’d go for. A classy tropical. Lime punch is also a good option. You would see this color in nature and in key lime pie.

Pantone 111 C

A quintessential gold or bronze, it can be seen in old paintings. This shade can also be seen in autumn themes, in a glossy form on wedding invitations, and the chargers at the reception.

Pantone 449 C

Brown isn’t everyone’s favorite color, but this shade is a good brown, a reliable brown. It’s the color of rich leather, chocolate, dirt. It’s hard to go wrong with it.

Bad yellows

Pantone 391 C

This color is why chartreuse and gold should not be mixed. Is it green, gold, what is it? It’s confusing and earthy but bright and maybe it’s for jewelry. You know, when the sheen starts to fade on cheap jewelry, this is that color. It’s not the best to wear.

Pantone 396 C

This is bad ‘70s baby puke lime green. It’s hard to look at and really bright. It’s a bold fashion statement, but try painting your house this color and see what the neighbors say. The Home Owners Association will form itself.

Pantone 600 C

If there ever was a beige-yellow lime green, this, it’s odd. It’s a fun beige, but still, beige. Where could you wear this, where would you put it in your home? This color raises many queries.

Safe yellows

Pantone Yellow 12 C

This is the most basic yellow, Pantone’s signature primary yellow. It is the most commonly used and popular yellow. It’s a safe option for all and pops up in clothes a lot.

Pantone 102 C

A brighter signature yellow, it is popular for children’s clothes. It shows up a lot during summer, on clothes and summer products. You’ve probably seen it in a logo, too.

Pantone 7404 C

A marigold or light gold, it was on a Martha Stewart paint swatch. So you know it’s a good thing. This yellow is good for home decor and a good transitional yellow between seasons.

Pantone 107 C

If you’ve ever seen a happy, yellow flower, this was the color. Bright but with a sense of earthiness, it’s close to the shade of the yellow stop signs from the 1920s.

Pantone 113 C

Depending on the artist, Batman had an oval of this color with a bat on it on his chest. It’s quite close to naturally dyed yellow, but brighter because chemicals have replaced the saffron.

Yellow is a bright, happy color that has been much maligned. It can be worn, and with a little research, you can find the right shade for you.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    I love yellow in a bathroom.