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Applegate Summer Grilling Tips and Tricks

It’s grilling season here in Atlanta, Georgia and for our family that always includes hot dogs.  Recently we tried the new Super Natural uncured beef hot dog made by Applegate Farms and found them perfect for grilling.  In celebration of our new found grilling discovery we thought we should share a couple of grilling tips and tricks to make your summer grilling just perfect.

Summer Grilling Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t poke it!  Yes, you read that right; one of the biggest mistakes people make is poking and squeezing their meat thinking it makes it cook faster.  Not only does it not speed up the process, but it releases the natural flavors and juices making dull and dried out meats.
  2. Don’t baste it!  To eliminate that blackening or burning of your meat be sure to wait on basting with sugar and/or tomato based products until the last 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Do be safe!  Always keep a spray bottle with water to control any flare ups.  A quick spray with save you from that burnt taste on meats due to flair ups.
  4. Do clean your grill!  Be sure you clean your grill regularly with a stiff wire brush.  You can even use that spray bottle you keep on hand for flare ups to release build up while the grates are still hot.
  5. Don’t reuse!  Never reuse the plate you brought your raw meats out on when they are done cooking.  Either wash the plate thoroughly or get a new plate.  Also be sure to throw out any leftover marinade.  Never, ever reuse marinades.
  6. Don’t rush it!  If you are using charcoal be sure to let the coals heat up until the black is completely gone and they turn a gray ash color.

There are tons of other useful summer grilling tips and tricks, but these are some of the common ones that often are forgotten about each year.


If you are looking for a great hot dog for the grill, look no further than the Super Natural Beef Hot Dog by Applegate.  These are especially a good choice for families who enjoy quality natural and organic meat.  These dogs have no added nitrates or chemical preservatives and with ingredients such as organic grass-fed beef, water, salt and spices.  They are low in carbs (bonus!), gluten free, dairy free, and casein free!   

Now Available in Atlanta

Yippee!  Applegate Farms Super Natural Beef Hot Dogs have arrived in Atlanta, Georgia!  You can now find them at your local Kroger store and several other grocers in the area.   If you need to locate a store closest to your location you can visit the Applegate Farms Store Locator.  If you can not find a store near you there is an option to purchase them online via their website.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Applegate and I was compensated by Social Moms to share my honest opinion and personal grilling tips with you.


  1. These are great tips that you have shared, specially this coming summer, the problem is in the place where I use to live we never enjoyed summer because it keeps raining everyday, but once the sun came back I would try these tips and advises that you have shared.

  2. These tips sound really great! My favorite activity at summer evenings is grillin’, I just can’t wait to give these tricks a try.

  3. Mary Ambrosino says

    Finally a low carb hot dog. I will definitely try these. Thanks from all of us low carb dieters.

  4. Candice Hull says

    I am happy that you continue on your blogging. There is always time in our life that we able to make changes a lot.

  5. Oisha Hicks says

    These tips are so useful to me. I really love grilling and I will use these tips.