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African Grey Parrot named Tiger – Wordless Wednesday (LINKY)

African Grey Bird


This is my brother, Tiger.  Well, I say he is my brother because Tiger is like a son to my father since my step-mother passed away last summer.  Tiger is an African Grey Parrot.  He is extremely smart and talks a lot, but not when you want him to (performing under pressure is not his thing).  I got to meet Tiger for the first time last month and he was really beautiful.  He does have one bad habit – he will destroy a pair of shoes in a heartbeat if you aren’t watching him.  I know, he chewed up my flip flops before I even knew he was under the table.


  1. He’s beautiful.

  2. What a pretty bird!

  3. I’ve never seen one in those colors. Really, really pretty!

  4. He is gorgeous. I had no idea birds would chew shoes up too, lol.

  5. He is beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pretty gray parrot. I’m in the Atlanta area, too 🙂

  6. Oh wow he is beautiful!

  7. Awww. Makes me miss my African Grey, Nipper. Parrots are so entertaining and can be very loving…and yeah, a bit destructive.

  8. So weird that he chews up shoes! Just like a dog lol

  9. He’s beautiful! I found your WW through another linky, thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful little guy!! Is he loud? My mother in law has a bird too…forgot what type…and he is LOUD!

  11. oh wow, that’s a pretty bird! He chews up shoes?

  12. Shoes is such a strange thing for a bird to chew on – how funny!

  13. i have a serious bird phobia, but if i didn’t he didn’t give me the creeps, he’d be sorta pretty. 🙂

    • LOL…I’m glad I’m not the only one with a bird phobia. People sometimes think I’m nuts to be scared of such a little animal.

  14. Great photo! Keep the shoes away!

    Sorry linked up twice

  15. I’m scared to death of birds, but he is absolutely beautiful. It’s nice that your dad cares so much about his bird. That’s awesome that he’s like a son to him and he has him for a companion.

    Happy WW!

  16. Little BGCG says

    What a beautiful bird, I loved that you called him your brother!

  17. He is cute, and it sounds like he’s like any kid, won’t perform when you want them to !:)

  18. my son loved this picture!! “buh” he would say!

  19. Beautiful! What kinds of things does he say?

  20. I love birds. So beautiful.
    Stopping by from WW hop

  21. Beautiful. My mom has a parrot who keeps her company too.

  22. I love that photo! He sounds like my dog… he also loves shoes.

  23. he is handsome. I know the bigger birds can chew up lots of things & be destructive. I think that may be why some owners keep them caged or chained to their perch. those beaks are dangerous!

  24. what a handsome bird!

  25. Wow! What a beautiful bird! Parrots are hilarious, they will repeat you like a two year old will. My grandma’s parrot would call my grandpa Lazy Bones every time he walked into the room! lol

  26. What a gorgeous bird!

  27. Mary Ambrosino says

    You are lucky he didn’t eat your foot. lol

  28. We have an African grey and he also loves destroying shoes!

  29. I know this was not this week – But We had an African Gray when I was growing up. My brother ‘bird-sat’ it for about 10 years or so.. then the owner moved somewhere where he decided he wanted it back again? Weird.
    Anyway – he didn’t eat shoes. But he did copy every noise in our house perfectly! The phone ringing as the real phone did. “Beep” (like the button to answer) and then in my moms voice “Hello??… Uh huh…. uh huhhhh.. ok. yep. ok. buh bye. Beep” I would swear sometimes that my mom was home when she wasnt – or I’d run to answer the phone.
    He also tormented the Cats. “heree kIttY KiTty” (in my brothers voice, of course)”Want LuNCh???”
    He was awesome.

  30. Annabelle says

    Such a cute bird!! I had a friend who had one. She had so many funny stories of her bird!