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Affordable and Easy Ways to Change Your Home Décor with the Seasons

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Who says your home décor has to stay one way all year long? During the winter you want to be warm and cozy; spring brings about the feeling of flowers and crisp rain; the fall is all about harvest and rich dark hues of nature; and summer is all about fun in the sun and bold vibrant colors. So why not change the look of your home with the way that you feel?

If you’ve been holding off because you think you need an interior decorator or a massive home improvement budget… think again. There are plenty of small, affordable things that you can do around your home to change up the décor with the seasons. Check out some of these cool tips below:

Wallpaper – When it comes to easy to apply home décor materials, wall paper is your best friend. Seeing that wall paper has made a huge comeback in the world of interior design, there are plenty of patterns, colors, and textures for you to choose from. Add wall paper to an accent wall, backsplash, or border in your home for a quick and easy change in décor.

Change the Linens – Curtains, drapes, towels, bedding, and other linens around the home can be swapped out to match the décor of the season. Colder seasons like winter and fall are great for darker colors and heavier linens while spring and summer are best for lighter fabric choices and brighter colors. Swapping out linens can change the overall appearance of a living space giving it that seasonal vibe you’re after.

Dishes – Even your dishes can match the season if you want, and it can really change the décor of a kitchen and/or dining room in an instant. Many like to use china and fine pottery during the cooler months and plastic ware or dishes with bolder colors during the summer. You can find cute little dish sets at a department store for a reasonable price to match your décor throughout the seasons.

Area Rugs – Whether you have hardwood floors, carpeting, or tile, area rugs can help to change the décor in any room of your home. They are easy to put down and roll up for storage when they’re no longer in use. You can check out varying patterns that will match your linens to tie in the color scheme.

Pillows – Couch pillows also referred to as throw pillows are easy home décor accessories to swap out throughout the seasons. They can be purchased pretty inexpensively to match various colors throughout your home. Again rich dark colors can complement the décor during the winter and fall while bold and vibrant colors can bring a little life to the room during the warmer seasons.

Wall Art – Swapping out paintings or other pieces of art on the wall is fairly affordable and can change the tone of a room in an instant. Replace paintings or artwork you have presently on the walls for pieces that are more seasonal to match your decor.

Scent – Nothing brings on the change of the seasons like the power of scent. Using various objects to exude scent such as candles, potpourri, incense, and oils for instance can be a great way to tie everything together. Warm soothing scents like apple or pumpkin pie are great for winter and fall, while tropical or tranquil scents like cool breeze, lavender, and honey dew melon are great for spring and summer.

You see, changing your home décor with the seasons does not require the help of an interior decorator, nor does it require an extensive home renovation budget. Simple approaches like changing linens, swapping out art, and pulling in the scent of the season can give your home a seasonal makeover that fits into any budget. Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to switch things up and bring life to your home all year round.