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Adding Elegance to Your Home

Adding Elegance to Your Home

 french bedroom

Sometime in the last fifty years, elegance and grace in home décor gave way to considerations of only function and utility. Comfort became secondary to economy in even the bedroom that’s sole purpose is to relax and be comfortable. The minimalist design became the standard touting the larger appearance of rooms and greater ease of walking around. There are some that are bucking that trend now besides our wiser elders and the splendor of design and inviting comfort of traditional European and Colonial design is finding its way back into homes.

This trend back towards old world charm and elegance makes it possible to once again find beautiful furniture that will be handed down from one generation to the next instead of relying on flat planed wood and even fiber board as the principal construction material of furniture. While you will not do a whole bedroom makeover for $900 with these higher quality furnishings that look as much like art as a dresser drawer, you can be pleased in knowing that in 7 years it will not be sitting in your garage sale for $20 either.

The French Bedroom Company has many pieces that exemplify the European luxury style. This type of décor will have carefully coordinated pieces that are connected by flowing curtains or drapes and comforters and extra pillows galore. A typical bedroom done in this design will have chairs to sit on while dressing as opposed to the bed being the only option for seating. Many women will rejoice in the fact a make-up mirror and desk are the standard instead of one of the luxuries the minimalist design chose to abandon.

If you do decide to make your bedroom into an oasis of quiet secluded comfort take the time to attend to the details. High quality soft sheets, and small bedside throw rugs for your slippers remind you of the desire for a comfortable place to relax instead of simply a room in which to sleep. If you are unsure of how to furnish this room or if there is a reason or need for the extra luxuries, a weekend away at a high end hotel or bed and breakfast will give you the chance to admire and appreciate the opulence. There are reasons that places that sell comfort and luxury tend towards this style, and that reason will become clear when you immerse yourself in it.


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