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Achieve Maximum #Scentpiration with Febreze #FebrezeHoliday

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze.

Achieve Maximum #Scentpiration with Febreze

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There is no place like home for the holidays and no better way to add a festive touch to your home than with the Febreze Holiday Collection. Whether you are like me and prefer to have a different holiday scent in every room or like to keep it simple with just one scent filling the entire house, Febreze has you covered!

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What scents remind you of the holidays? Nothing brings out my festive spirit quite like the smell of Frosted Pine, Toasted Almond, and Apple Tarts. All I have to do is fire up scent diffusers in every power outlet in the house and it’s like BAM instant North Pole! I couldn’t be happier than an elf in a shoe factory!

If I think really hard I can remember back to the very first time I enjoyed candied almonds. It was literally two Christmases ago and we were celebrating our move to Florida! My how time flies…

Have you ever tried making apple tarts? I definitely have NOT. After sniffing a few sniffs of the Apple Tart aroma in the Febreze Holiday Collection I think I’m going to have to try making some. I am definitely enjoying our holiday scents, probably a little too much even. Not that we plan on entertaining anyone this holiday season but if we did I am sure all of these delightful scents would come in handy for something like that. We like to rock the holidays solo so we will be enjoying all of this awesomeness all to ourselves! Ho Ho Ho!!!

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It may seem a bit like overkill but what we like to do in order to achieve maximum #scentspiration is to insert a scent diffuser in every single power outlet in the house. The effects of that much holiday scent is like nothing you have ever experienced in your life. With every breath you eventually begin to smell happiness. It is absolutely beautiful and if you haven’t tried it you just have to! Definitely put that on your holiday bucket list!


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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Something to try for the holidays.