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A Knee or Back Orthopedic Surgeon Is Available to Improve Your Quality of Life

Senior man with backache


Have you or your child lost hope of returning to a higher level of function not limited by the pain in your knees and back? Do you pine for the days when you were more active – out golfing, playing pick-up basketball or just playing with kids or grandkids? Or have you been sidelined from competition by a sports related injury that just doesn’t seem to be healing?  Don’t worry, knee and back orthopedic surgeons can help.

Modern orthopedic medicine and surgery offer miraculous results.  Doctors can help restore your hard working body to a level where it can keep up more easily with your imagination. A common discussion is how to help you reach your personal and competitive goals.  Our business is no exception, and we invite you to visit us in St. Louis, MO.

The first step will be a consultation with one of the members of our talented team.  Our group includes board certified orthopedic surgeons, doctors, and other specialists.  Orthopedic Associates, “As earned a reputation for quality traditional and state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery.   Our spine specialists’ goal is to restore pain-free motion.   We are familiar with the best surgical and non-surgical interventions for many conditions.”

These include congenital, degenerative, and injury induced problems.  We have both the medical skill and the empathy to help your child through pending scoliosis surgery or treatment for a traumatic injury.  We also understand the frustrations of older adults who wish they would have been kinder to their back when they were their kid’s age.

Bulging, degenerated and herniated disks can cause pain and loss of function.  Sciatica pain is well known for being considerably more than just a nuisance.  Traumatic injuries such as whiplash and stress fractures also limit both work and recreation.  This constant discomfort leads to a decreased quality of life.   Self-care like massage can help dramatically to ease tense muscles, but will not fix the underlying problem.

One of the best ways to improve back pain is through proper posture and use of the legs when lifting.  Information on proper lifting may be given as a part of your job or by a coach, but if not there are many resources available on safe lifting.  Many people exacerbate or cause back problems because they have knee problems. If you are suffering from a back problem aggravated by a knee problem or vice versa we can help.  Our knee and back orthopedic surgeons can fully evaluate you to see which orthopedic issue to address first.

We address common knee issues that occur secondary to sports, trauma, ageing and arthritis.  Since the knee is a weight-bearing joint, it is prone to injury from both acute trauma and wear and tear.  There may be non-surgical options available to manage arthritis. We will be clear about the pros and cons.  Managing the discomfort associated with these conditions sometimes requires multiple approaches.

Some patients benefit greatly from physical therapy and viscosupplementation (lubrication) injections. But it is important not to be afraid of knee surgery.  We have a modern on-campus open MRI, and there are less invasive arthroscopic techniques available for many common problems. Because of this success rates are high, and recovery is rapid.

But surgery is still surgery you say – even with this device called an arthroscope. The basics of this type of surgery is that it is not necessary to make a large incision to look inside the knee.  The specialist can fix many problems with the tools available through the minuscule incisions needed for the scope. Don’t be afraid – ask.  We can go over what the procedure involves.

Some MRI’s will show a condition that will require surgery. But don’t worry that our immediate recommendation will be surgery for every condition. We understand that a multi-modal approach is necessary to get you back on track. You have our commitment to work with you to generate a diagnostic and treatment plan.  Our on-site rehabilitation partners will work with you using aggressive physical therapy whenever possible.  Their goal is to help you regain function and leave the pain behind.  They will be at your side every step of the way.



  1. That’s really interesting that safe lifting can help you avoid orthopedic injuries. I’ve been moving a lot of heavy boxes around lately and I really don’t want to get a back injury. I’ll have to speak with my doctor and see what they think the best technique is to prevent that. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Kody Loveless says

    Thaks for the tips. My father has been living with herniated disks for some time. I know it has slowed him down in life and cause a lot of pain. He has continued to work manual labor for many years, and I know that it has taken a toll on his body. I will have to have him look into surgury. If it can really help him improve his quality of life than it is worth it.