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A Brief Stay In The Hospital

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What started as a relatively normal week last week ended in a brief stay at St. Cloud Regional Medical Center.  After getting back from Experience Atlanta (post coming soon!) I started getting a pain in my left lower abdomen.  It started out as a dull pain at around 2pm on Monday and by 5:30pm I decided to go to bed and “sleep it off”.  Unfortunately it didn’t go away and through out the night continued to pester me.  Finally on Tuesday morning I called my husband at work to come home and bring my mom to the airport (she was visiting) and to drop me off at the hospital while he came home to wait for James to get off the bus.

I went to the ER with nothing but my HTC 8X.  I didn’t even remember to grab my drivers license.  After checking into the ER they decided to do a CT scan and it came back that I had diverticulitis.  I knew I had diverticulosis (they found it when I was had my hysterectomy in 2011), but I have never had a bout of diverticulitis (the infection) until now.  Apparently it was pretty serious because they wanted to start the antibiotics immediately through an IV.  I misunderstood the doctors intention and thought he merely wanted to give me a dose and send me on my way.  You can only imagine my shock when an hour later someone came in to get my admitting paperwork done.  WHAT?

What I thought was going to be a day at the ER for antibiotics turned into almost five days in the hospital!  My only connection with outside life was through my HTC hot spot and my phone.  I used it to photograph my stay and to share tweets, Facebook posts, and calls from family/friends.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I am so glad you had your Verizon HTC with you so that we could monitor your condition and be your “virtual” visitors. Glad to see you home and feeling a bit better.

  2. Oh man I hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Ugh, what an experience. I’m glad it wasn’t something more serious but yeah, 5 days in a hospital would make me go running out the door.

  4. Yikes! Not a fun way to spend the week. I hope you’re feeling better now. Good thing you had your phone with you. My stupid phone probably wouldn’t have had any internet connection…I sure do miss my Verizon phone!


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    What started as a relatively normal week last week ended in a brief stay in the hospital. The post A…