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8 Amazing Oils for Your Skin for the Holidays


If you keep up on skin care trends, then you most definitely have heard about the many benefits of skin oils. From their anti-aging benefits, to their ability to cleanser, moisturize, and even clean up skin, these fabulous skin care commodities have truly created a category of their own. And with fabulous options coming from many different brands (such as all-organic brand Eminence Organics), there is no shortage of fabulous oils for one to try. So, which popular oil is right for you? Take a look at these 8 amazing oils, and decide for yourself!

Argan Oil – Perhaps one of the most popular oils on the skin care (and hair care) market today, argan oil delivers a host of fabulous benefits, including: deep hydration, anti-aging, oil control, and so much more! argan oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that keep your skin healthy, happy, and plump. Many have even noted an improvement in acne, as this oil is said to help provide the skin with healthy oil, which prevents your skin from producing excess (pore-clogging) oil.

Grape Seed Oil – Another fabulous option for oily, acne-prone skin is grape seed oil, which you might recognize as a fabulous cooking agent! Grape seed oil is ripe with antioxidants, and even has skin-boosting Vitamin C which helps to reduce wrinkles and brighten up the complexion.

Tea Tree Oil – For those serious about combatting acne, tea tree oil is a must try! This dry oil is very powerful, and works best as a spot treatment for clearing up individual blemishes. It does not have the same “oily” feel as traditional skin oils, so this is not recommended as a skin moisturizer. Tea tree oil may also cause irritation on sensitive skin, so always be sure to do a 24-hour patch test before using on multiple blemishes.

Chamomile Oil – Like a calming drink of tea for your skin, chamomile oil is a fabulous option for those who have notoriously sensitive skin. This oil is known for its soothing abilities, and acts as an anti-inflammatory on skin. That being said, you will still want to do a 24-hour patch test to insure that your skin is not reactive to this oil. Calendula Oil is yet another fabulous, soothing oil that delivers beautiful, hydrating results to the skin!

Rosehip Oil – Ideal for all skin types (especially dry, mature skin), rosehip oil delivers a host of benefits, including: wrinkle reduction, scar reduction, and increased cellular turnover for anti-aging results you are sure to love.

Coconut Oil – It is highly unlikely that you have not yet heard of coconut oil, and for good reason! This oil is incredibly versatile. Great for moisturizing your hair, body, and face, coconut oil nourishes, while deliver antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to the skin. What is fabulous is that you can buy a tub of extra virgin, organic olive oil, and ration out portions for specific uses (be it skincare, hair care, cooking, or anything else you might like to use it for). A helpful tip: use modestly on your face and hair, and generously on your body for beautiful, balanced skin!

Olive Oil – Yet another kitchen staple, olive oil is a fabulous oil for those seeking convenience. While it isn’t unheard of to hear success stories of olive oil on oily skin types, it is most widely recommended to those with extremely dry skin for its deeply hydrating properties. When it comes to purchasing olive oil for your skin, it is never recommended to jump towards the cheapest option. Olive Oil from the first cold press is said to have higher levels of antioxidants, as well as nourishing essential fatty acids and polyphenols.

 Jojoba Oil – Last, but certainly not least, is jojoba oil. It is highly unlikely that you have not gotten a dose of jojoba oil in one form, or another, as it is an incredibly popular ingredient in the skin care industry. The reason for this being that it’s chemical composition is the closest (natural) thing to our own sebum. Jojoba oil is notoriously moisturizer (while remaining lightweight), and is fabulous for all skin types! Jojoba oil can be used on it’s own, or with a combination of another oil(s) for boosted benefits.

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  1. I need to try some rosehip oil!

  2. Mary Ambrosino says

    I have heard that you can use coconut oil for just about anything. I have to get some.