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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Irritating Home-Infesting Pests

Photo Credit: stevepb from Pixabay

Pests can easily take over your home, especially in the spring and summer when the weather is warm enough for them to breed. Most of them are not only an irritant but also stingers and carriers of dangerous diseases like malaria. If you have kids, you need to take extra measures to keep pests away, as most young ones are curious enough to approach them, oblivious of the danger they pose. In case you have a pest infestation problem in your home, power pest control Toronto is a reliable pest control service. However, here are some tips you can try before calling in the pros:

Start with the kitchen

The kitchen is the food hub of your home, which makes it the most preferred spot for annoying pests. The first step to keep them away is to store your food in plastic or glass jars that are sealed airtight. Sealing these containers keeps the insects away from the food. Again, avoid storing the food in the paper wrappings they come in, as some pests, like rats, will readily chew through it.

Store as much cooked food, fruits, and fresh vegetables in the fridge to preserve them and keep them away from pests. For the food that has no space in the refrigerator, store it in a well-lit easy to access shelf in the kitchen.

Clean up your floors, shelves, and cabinets with warm water and strong soap to keep roaches at bay. Clean up your dishes after use to avoid attracting houseflies and rats.

Seal the gaps and crevices in your home

Look for cracks in the attic, garage, basement, and kitchen and seal them to avoid further entrance by bugs and rats. Be especially sure to seal the holes where power lines and sink pipes enter your home.

Keep firewood away from your home

If you have a termite problem, the culprit may be the stack of firewood right outside your home. Have the stack placed as far off from your home; at least 20 feet away to avoid infestation by termites and other serial bugs.

Repair damaged window screens

Torn window screens will not do you any good when it comes to avoiding mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Repair them, and have a secondary measure like a mosquito net to protect you from these insects as you relax in your room.


Vinegar is your one-stop-solution to getting rid of ants and fruit flies. If you notice a trail of ants, use a 50% vinegar solution to eliminate the tracks they use to communicate. For fruit flies, pour the vinegar in a tall glass till its ¼ full, then place a paper funnel with a large hole to make a trap.

Seal your chimney

Cover your chimney to prevent the entry of flying insects, bats, birds, and other smaller insects.

Use coffee grounds

Most pests detest the strong smell they emit, so pour your leftover grounds in places where they most likely hideout.


These tips will help you take back control of your home and enjoy its comfort.


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