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7 Great Ideas For Design and Decor in Your Home

With the cost of houses rising, many people are staying with their current mortgages and homes. What happens though when you get that itch for a new living space? Remodeling is everywhere these days. There are so many great ideas to choose from. Even if you just bought your home, you still want to put those personal touches to make your home your own. Here are seven great ideas for design and decor in your home for this new year of 2020.

Rethink Spaces

Forget what you have seen in homes for years. Rethink the spaces in your home for the way you want to live. Multi-functional spaces are a big theme for 2020. You can divide a room into an office and a bedroom. You can have a bed near the kitchen. Do whatever it takes to create space in your house for all your important things. This may mean combining two rooms into one to make another room available with something else. The sky is the limit. Do not let the traditional hold you back from creating the most awesome home out there.

New Sliding Doors

There is nothing like saving space in your house, which is also a trend but not the whole point here. Sliding doors are so easy to use. Sliding doors also make a great accent in any room. Choices like a sliding barn door with mirror or a barn door with glass are two examples of a decor addition to your home. Just think, no more slamming doors. Sliding doors come in all decor styles. 2020 is all about sliding deco doors in the home. The new doors have beautiful hardware that looks like works of art.

Color, Lots of It

Color is in and not just one. Putting colors together boldly is a big trend for 2020. Choose wisely as you will have to live in the color. Find examples on the internet from professional designers who have used colors that work well together. This will take half the work off of you to make a fabulous room. Brightly colored painted rooms make people happy.

Large Hardware

Speaking of hardware, big is in. Large kitchen faucets and large showerheads are in. You want to see something of substance when it comes to your house hardware. Door handles, sliding door hardware, and sink fixtures all need to be large. Large hardware is available in beautiful designs and colors. Large hardware helps every inch of your home look like a work of art. There is plenty to choose from and no loss of charm with many of the designs.

Faux Marble

Granite is out, marble is too heavy, so faux marble or fake marble is in along with quartz countertops. Quartz has energizing vibes and faux marble just looks good. Faux marble also costs less most of the time. They have so many new amazing colors and designs. Wherever you need faux marble, there is a color and design that will fit your needs.

Bathrooms With Pizazz

Everyone wants to have an experience. By creating a fun and interesting bathroom, your guests will be entertained. Bold colors, big prints, and large fixtures, designers are using their sense of fun when it comes to bathroom designs. Only you know what is fun for you. So start with your own ideas and mix them with some of the professional ideas you see online to create your very own exciting bathroom decor.

New Appliances

Sometimes you do not even need to change much about your place, but 2020 is trending new appliances. There is nothing draggier than old dirty appliances that need to look fresh and modern. You know you feel good when you are in a clean well-decorated place. By having new appliances, you for sure can feel a sense of newness in that home you have lived in for twenty years.

Making a room the most comfortable place in the world for you is so important. Love the space you are in. When you take the time to organize, decorate, and design every room in your home, then you will feel right at home. These 2020 trends are a place to start for what you can do to upgrade your current home or decorate your new one.