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7 Best Tips to Reducing Waste & Consumption

The following is a guest post by Green Coast, a renewable energy and green living blog focused on helping you live a more sustainable life.

Reducing waste and consumption is the need of the hour because increasing waste is creating several other problems. 

As an individual, you can start from your own home to contribute in this noble cause. You can switch from plastic bags to cloth bags. You can recycle several things such as bottles and cans. 

Best Tips for Reducing Waste & Consumption at Home

The following are 7 tips to reduce waste and consumption:

No More Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are one of the major reasons for waste. You can decrease a significant amount of waste if you stop using them. You can use reusable bags made of cloth. Make a habit of taking your cloth bags when you go shopping. 

Hang cloth bags beside your doors or keep some of them in the trunk of your car. Doing so will keep cloth bags in your sight, and you will not forget to use them. 

No Disposable Plates

Disposable plates became very popular because people find them very convenient. Many people do not like to wash dishes because it takes time and efforts.

 However, disposable plates create a lot more waste than you can think. Therefore, stop using disposable plates and get used to washing dishes. 

No Coffee Cups and Plastic Water Bottles

Thousands of paper coffee cups and plastic water bottles are used every day. They create huge amount of waste which damages our environment. You should stop using them immediately.

You can use a coffee thermos and a durable water bottle instead.  You will notice that you are drinking more water and creating much less waste. If you use a Keirug machine, consider using a reusable K cup to reduce continued waste. 

Use Reusable Containers

You can extend the life of food and reduce waste if you store your food items properly. Food items such as cereals and baking ingredients stale quickly. Many people have a habit of buying loose food items from bulk bins or farmer’s market. If you have reusable containers in your kitchen, you can save a lot of food from getting wasted. Reusable containers are an investment that will enable you to reduce a lot of waste. 

Use a Meal Plan

Wastage of food is a huge problem in many households around the globe. You can prevent wastage of food if you start following a meal plan. Make a meal plan according to your household requirements, and then buy food items that you are sure you will eat. You will be surprised to see how much food you will save from going into the waste bins. 


Composting is an amazing way of recycling food items that people throw into garbage cans. You need some space and a bin to compost the food items. You can then feed it to your garden which will increase the number of nutrients in the soil. 

You will not only reduce huge amount of food from becoming waste but also make the soil of your garden more fertile. 

Educate Yourself

Recycling standards are different in different places. You should make yourself familiar with the recycling rules for your local community. The symbols and sorting rules might seem complicated; however, they are quite simple and easy to learn. 

If you implement recycling and reusable packaging in your house, you will prevent huge piles of waste from going to the landfills. 

Author Bio: Green Coast is a renewable energy and green living blog focused on the best tips to help you live a more sustainable life.  Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.



  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Good advice but I can’t give up my Keurig.