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6 Windows Trends that have been Dominating 2019

Do you know that Window Covers are a bit older than middle ages?

Some sources believe they date back to ancient Egypt. Anyway, window treatments run gamut thanks to their reliability. With that said, following we are giving you window trends that have been dominating 2019 so far.

Roman Shades

It’s hard to think that Roman Shades will go out of style. These shades have made a statement for themselves time and time again. These are a classic treatment for your home. It comes with solid fabric and patterned statement. There are more than hundreds of options to choose from. These shades can fit into any space.

Woven Wood Shades

It’s a bit funny, but almost every home décor blogger showcased woven wood shades in 2019. The trend doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. These shades give off a coastal or farmhouse vibe. The texture is usable and comfortable. These are for casual settings, not formal. If you want some casual and comfy in modern space, then this texture is for you.

If you don’t know what will suit your home best, you can refer to a window treatment service like SelectBlindsCanada. It is a premium store that details with every window treatment from curtains to panels to frames and much more.

Wood Blinds

Woodgrain is going to make its comeback. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the easy installation of wood blinds or timeless sophistication shutter. These window treatments can fit into anywhere. If you have Victorian ear style, these blinds will fit in perfectly. Make sure your match the wood blinds to stained trim or paneling in your home. It will create a ravishing.


If you want something high-end and traditional, then you better consider shutters. These are an excellent window treatment option. You can think of them as more of fine furniture.


If you want privacy but you don’t want to give up on light, and a good view than decals are your best bet. They are a bit different than the window film used in the past. You can give a single paned window the look of intricate stained glass. Get a geometric or ornamental touch. The play of light via even faux stained glass changes the look of your entire room.

From frosted films to privacy etched glass without permanence. These are available in pretty patterns. You can get something tradition with the likes of starbursts, rounded squares, damask, and flour.

Black Window Frames

These frames are back again in demand. The graphic punch screams industrial design to a big. Windows with such details like French and pane doesn’t make an impact in black. The strong and repeated lines do give off the effect of living in historical conservatory sunroom.

When it comes to painting your window frame or to get a replacement for one! You can’t forgive black. It’s as classic as white, and it fits well with almost everything.

This doesn’t mean you are going back to the backwoods. Black frames create a refined look. There are small infusions of traditional patterns which are placed in modern and cozy setups.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Never thought of decals. Will have to try them.