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6 Simple (and elegant) Romantic Gestures for Your Man

Keeping romance alive can be a challenge for couples, especially when you’re balancing work and children. While you may not have the time or money to whisk your loved one off to Paris for a romantic getaway, you can still show them how much you care with some simple gestures of romance.

6 Simple (and elegant) Romantic Gestures for Your Man

Tantalize His Palate

Putting dinner on the table at night after a long day of work can be a challenger for families. However, if you’re looking to make your man feel special, why not try whipping up his favorite meal? From chicken and dumplings and pasta to beef pot roast and fajitas, being greeted at the door with the tantalizing aroma of his favorite meal can ease the worries and stresses of the day. If you don’t have time to cook, try ordering take out from his favorite local restaurant. You can also prepare the meal during the weekend and freeze it. When you come home from work, just pop it in the oven and light a few candles.

Sexy Lingerie

If you’re looking for a way to spoil your partner and show appreciation for everything that he does for you, sexy lingerie can be an eye opening surprise after a long and difficult day. Send the children to spend the evening with grandma and grandpa and greet your partner at the door in a lace teddy or silk babydoll. Foxy Lingerie also has an assortment of open cup bra and panty sets that are sure to set the tone for the night ahead.

Spa Treatment

Whether your partner has put in a long day at work or he’s sore from the gym, giving him the spa treatment is a great romantic gesture. Drawing him a warm bath with soothing salts can ease his stress and tension. You can also give him a massage using fragrant oils. Lavender, orange, spearmint and rose are essential oils that can promote relaxation. Add lighted candles and soothing music as a topper to your spa treatment.

Do Something He Likes

Gong to see a chick flick or spending hours picking out the perfect paint sample for the bedroom can earn your man bonus points. While he may have offered up his spare time to help you out, you can show your appreciation by doing something that he enjoys. Try surprising him with tickets to a baseball or football game. You can also spend the day with him at an antique car show or shopping for a new lawn mower for the home. Doing something that he likes to do shows him that you value him.

Send a Note or Text

In between meetings at work, carting the children to school and taking the dog out, you may not have time to connect as a couple during the day. You can change that by sending your loved one a note in their briefcase. A simple text saying that you love them can also go along way when you’re trying to make your man feel special.

Stock Up on His Favorite Treats

While you don’t want to overload your partner with unhealthy snacks, stocking up on a few of his favorite items from the store can be uplifting. When he’s ready to unwind with football or a T.V. show, you can pull out the treats as a surprise. You can also bake a special treat such as chocolate chip cookies or red velvet cake. If your guy enjoys spending time in his man cave, you can also stock up on his favorite beer or adorn his space with a decorative sign or comfy chair.

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