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6 Mind Boosting Strategies to Rev Up Your Memory Power

Misplaced your phone? Can’t remember what you’ve put on your grocery list, or the T.V. show you watched the other day? Don’t worry as you’re not alone. It’s common to lose track of things such as a phone or car keys. Memory lapses are a part of the aging process. But if you’re not ready to give in to your forgetfulness, there are strategies that will help rev up your memory power.

Get Some Decent Shut Eye

A bad night’s sleep can take a toll on your daily duties and work performance. It can also hinder your memory. Staying healthy requires some decent shut eye. Sleep is also the optimum time for the brain to recharge. Getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep is enough to restore your memory and remember the next day’s tasks. If you’re not able to get adequate rest at night, naps count toward your sleep requirements. To prepare yourself for a good night of rest, try sipping a glass of warm milk before bedtime. You should also put away your electronic gadgets an hour before bed. This includes the T.V., computer and smartphone.

Optimize Brain Power with a Healthy Diet

The brain is an energizing organ in the human body. Although it’s compromised of a minimal 2 percent in body weight, it can consume over 20 percent of your energy intake each day. A healthy diet does more than just fuel your body. You can protect your brain from early aging with the right vitamins, healthy fats and minerals. The right brain nutrients also reduce brain atrophy, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and helps support the production of healthy neurotransmitter. This allows you to focus and think clearly. In addition to brain boosting shakes, load up on green veggies, berries, nuts, seeds, avocados, whole-grains and fish.

Stop Multitasking

Unable to locate your keys? It’s probably due to the fact you were doing several things at once. When you’re juggling various tasks, you aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing. Instead of focusing on a multitude of activities such as opening the mail, petting the dog and asking the children about their day the instant you walk in the door, slow down and concentrate on one thing. You may also need to incorporate speaking exercises to boost your memory. Say out loud several times, “I placed my keys on the kitchen counter,” to help the brain process the information.

Exercise Your Memory

Exercise not only boosts your heart rate and helps you shed pounds. Keeping active also gets the blood pumping to the brain to keep your mind sharp. Forms of exercise such as swimming, biking, running and walking for a minimum of 30 minutes daily boosts the memory center of your brain. Movements that require complex motor skills or hand-eye coordination are best for boosting brain power. If you’re short on time and can’t fit in a full 30 minute workout, shoot for a 10 minute routine. This could include jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers or a brisk walk around the block.

Mentally Challenge Yourself

Your brain can become foggy when not in use. You can boost your mental focus and clarity by mentally challenging yourself. Find a class that challenges your mind. Whether it’s a course on technology or a hobby such as wood working, learning something new can sharpen your mind. Learning a new language, taking a different path to work or introducing new reading material are other mental exercises that stimulate the brain.

Practice Meditation

The brain experiences the beginning stages of decline as early as 20 years-of-age. Although this subtle reduction is no cause for immediate alarm, daily meditation can slow down cognitive deterioration. If you’re a beginner, you can find a quite space to practice the breathing and concentrating exercises. You can also find a class as your skills advance, and you want to take your meditation practices to a new level. Meditation boosts the brains power to remember, focus and learn. It also is a great stress reducer and method of relaxation.

The human body is gifted with the ability to retain information. But as you age, forgetfulness can set in. Although technology can be an excellent tool many rely on to help us remember things, you may not always have the electronic devices handy. The above mind boosting strategies are designed to help sharpen your mind and strengthen your memory power.