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6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Update Your Bedroom Space

Updating your bedroom shouldn’t have to break the bank. There are a number of ways you can freshen its look without having to knock downs walls or tear up flooring. The following are 6 budget-friendly tips that will give your boudoir a whole new look.

Find Your Focal Point

As a homeowner, much of your focus may be spent sprucing up your outdoor space. But your interior deserves just as much attention as the exterior. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your bedroom a facelift, you may not know where to start. To avoid breaking your budget by overspending, find your focal point in your room. Concentrate on one amazing feature such as the headboard and frame of the bed. Look for woods that will complement your night table and dresser. If the headboard and frame is still too costly, opt for DIY pieces where you can paint or stain the furnishings.

Adopt a New Theme

If you’ve followed the same theme in your home, it’s time to adopt something new. Shabby chic décor meshes together various unique styles such as flea market finds with old fashion antique pieces. Made popular with Rachel Ashwell, shabby chic typically begins with a white background and throws in soft accent hues of rose, sage and light blue. Distressed furniture, old fashioned textiles and feminine, romantic touches can help give your bedroom a graceful, yet aged feel.

Furniture Swapping

It’s easy to become bored with your current surroundings, especially if your furniture has been in the family for many years. Although you may find switching around your current bedroom furniture pieces to be enough, go from room to room instead. Swap your dresser with a table or chest from your hallway or den. Spare dining chairs can replace night side tables. To give your bedroom a more dramatic and opulent feel, move the chaise lounge from the living room to the bedroom. Without purchasing a single piece of furniture, you will have given your bedroom a whole new dramatic look.

Paint an Accent Wall

A fresh coat of paint can be an easy way to instantly update the rooms in your home without spending lots of money. But if you’re really watching your pennies, you can freshen up the look of an accent wall. Shoot for a shade or two deeper than the other walls of your bedroom. It will create a unique focal point and add depth to your room.

Change Bed Linens

The bed is usually the primary focus in a bedroom. If you want to boost your room’s look cost-effectively, you can change your linens. Designer comforters and linens were once the most popular trend. But now homeowners are concentrating on comfort. Thanks to online shops and affordable department retail stores, you can find stylish pieces for your bed that are reasonably priced.

Spruce Up Your Bedroom Décor

You can easily transform the look and tone of your room by changing your lighting. Dull floor lamps can be revamped with a romantic shade. Go for a modern look with hanging pendant lamps or unique table lamps. Ornate mirrors and floating book shelves add a contemporary flare to your bedroom space. Tired of your dressers and tables, switch out the handles and knobs in favor of something antique. Wall art is another budget-friendly way to change the look of your bedroom.

If you’ve become bored of your bedroom’s style, you don’t have to spend a mint to get a designer look. With the above easy steps, you can boost the look of your bedroom without the help and expense of hiring the experts.