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5 Top Tech Gifts To Grab from Sam’s Club

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club™. Opinions are my own. *All prices subject to change (found originally between 12/2 and 12/17/2015).

Top Tech Gifts 2015

We all have those people on our lists that always want the latest in greatest in technology. I just happen to be one of those people and I have two sons who just so happen to take after me so when I recently went to Sam’s Club to pick up some stuff for the house I happened over to the electronics section of the store to see what they had for tech gifts that I might be able to grab while I’m there. If you haven’t been to your local Sam’s Club lately you might be surprised at how much tech stuff they have in stock and even more so when you see the prices. I never thought about it before but while I was there an associate brought it to my attention that members can connect with a Sam’s Club Tech Expert 24/7, even on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to get free help with setting up their purchases and other assistance they might need. Because of the 24/7 Tech Support they offer their members this is one of my highly recommended places to find the Top Tech Gifts of 2015.

5 Top Tech Gifts To Grab from Sam’s Club

Top Tech Gifts Canon DSLR

1. Canon DSLR Cameras: The camera prices and packages at Sam’s Club are a great value! Since I own a Canon DSLR this really caught my eye when I found this Canon T6i bundle with lenses, camera case, and SD card for $899*. There isn’t a person I know that wouldn’t love to find this under their Christmas tree!

Top Tech Gifts Vizio Sound Bar System

 2. VIZIO Sound Bar System: Once you hear this you’ll know why it made my Top 5 Tech Gifts list. Watching television will never be the same after hear it through this sound bar system from VIZIO sold for $198*. You can find other sound bars for as low as $128* from the same company. This will give your television viewing love one a great surprise to find this under the tree.

Top Tech Gifts Tablets iPads Laptops

3. Tablets, iPads, & Laptops: The collection of tablets, iPads, and laptops at Sam’s Club is amazing and the prices are going to be hard for you to beat anywhere else. I don’t think there is a year that goes by that someone on my list doesn’t ask for one of these devices. Now I know where to find the deals!

Top Tech Gifts Singtrix Karaoke Machine

4. Singtrix Karaoke Party Bundle: Not only does Sam’s Club carry all the technology gadgets mentioned so far, but they also have the fun stuff too! Do you have an aspiring future contestant for The Voice living in the house? This complete karaoke machine is how they are going to get in that practicing for stardom. It sells for $349* and includes the machine, mic, mic stand, and more. Thanks to the in-store demo I really got to see this in action and it was amazing.

Top Tech Gifts Video Games

5. Video Games & Consoles: At one point I lost both my boys to this area of Sam’s Club. The selection of video games, accessories, and consoles is huge and the prices are incredibly low. My oldest son is a classic gamer and he loves the old school things so he was pretty impressed to find the Genesis gaming systems for as low as $39.88* including games! This gift is sure to be a hit!

 Follow along with Sam’s Club this holiday season and be sure to check them out for your 5 Top Tech Gifts for 2015!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    That Singtrix Karaoke Party Bundle sounds awesome.