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5 Tips to Celebrating Easter at Home

Springtime and Easter go hand in hand, and what a wonderful time of the year, before the weather gets too hot but is no longer too cold that you don’t want to even leave your home. Maybe that’s what makes Easter such a favorite holiday for many.

The weather is just right, the flowers are in bloom, and everything just feels so hopeful. While the pandemic has changed how we celebrate our favorite holidays, there are still ways to enjoy this springtime holiday at home. Check out these 5 ways you can have a great time celebrating Easter at home:

1.Take Easter pictures with a themed photo booth.

Whatever you’re celebrating, whether it’s the arrival of spring or the religious holiday, Easter is the perfect time to take pictures in your Sunday best and set up your home with the most beautiful flowers. From an Easter rose bouquet or two to tulips spread around the photo booth, decorate a space in your home where you can take Easter-themed pictures. People usually dress up in their favorite clothes and parents tend to save the cutest outfits for their kids for Easter celebrations, so why not keep these memories with some great shots of this fun occasion? 

  1. You’re grown-up? You can still have a treasure hunt with your friends. 

Just because you don’t have children or your children are now adults doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an Easter-egg hunt. Whether you host an evening soiree or a fun holiday brunch, or you collect beauty treats for the treasure hunt or other fun items, there are so many ways you can celebrate this holiday with your friends and loved ones at home. We don’t have to let the enjoyable traditions go because of a pandemic or because the kids have flown the nest, a treasure hunt is always a fun experience. 

  1. Have a Zoom party. 

Maybe you can’t join your whole circle of friends and family because of the pandemic but you can always have a Zoom get-together. Even if you’re just meeting online, you can all dress-up for the special occasion, with Easter treats and traditions you’d normally have. Wear pajamas on the bottom and a party on top; no one has to know. You can all show up in your “finest” for a family get-together, despite social-distancing. It’s important to keep up with the fun things you’d typically do even if the way you’d normally do them looks a bit different this year. 

  1. Celebrate with Easter arts and crafts.

If you’re celebrating with your children at home, you can put some arts and crafts together for a fun way to pass the time. Painting eggs is a favorite Easter craft and also an ideal way to create Easter décor while giving your kids something to do as you all enjoy this holiday in the safety of your home. You can also print out pictures of bunnies or eggs and have the kids color them.

  1. Have story-time about the religious meaning of Easter

Your family may have a tradition for celebrating Easter. Whether it’s going to Sunday school or reading about the story of the resurrection, if you and your kids are unable to make it to church service because of the pandemic, consider opting for story-time with children’s books. Or, if you need to keep the kids busy while you get things done for the celebration, consider putting on a fun Easter cartoon for them, where they can be both entertained and also educated on the Christian story about Easter. 

In Conclusion

We know that the pandemic definitely took away some of our favorite experiences but just because we have to look at an alternative way of celebrating the Easter holiday doesn’t mean that it can’t be as fun as ever. These 5 tips can help you try things in new ways and see how great the experience can be, despite social distancing and having to celebrate at home.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Good Easter suggestions especially during these times when social distancing is a part of our culture.