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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Sleep Environment

Everyone needs quality sleep. While the number of hours you need to sleep might be different than someone else’s, quality sleep is an absolute necessity to keep your body and mind healthy. Improving your sleep environment can help you sleep better and longer, with fewer instances of waking up in the middle of the night or tossing and turning to get comfortable. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your sleep environment. 

  1. Declutter

A messy room can induce anxiety whether you realize it or not. Not only that, but built-up dust and debris from a recent lack of cleaning can affect your health and your ability to breathe properly, which affects your quality of sleep. Your bedroom should have one purpose, not act as your gym, your living room, or your laundry room. Your brain must begin associating this particular room with sleep, so it’s important to eliminate all of the distractions. 

Some people might find that getting rid of their bedroom television can help them sleep better because they won’t fall asleep with it on or won’t be watching it late at night, interfering with their regular sleep schedule. 

     2.Eliminate Blue Light 

Blue light emitted from your electronics is associated with keeping you awake for more extended periods. This type of light affects how much melatonin, a sleep-promoting hormone, your body produces. With less melatonin, you’ll have a more challenging time falling asleep. 

Eliminating blue light before bed is easy. You can try blue light blocking glasses or screen covers for your laptop. Most televisions also have a night setting that puts a digital filter over the television to reduce or eliminate blue light. Even if you are watching television before bed, you should be able to fall asleep faster. 

      3. Upgrade Your Bedding

While your mattress and pillow will have a significant impact on your sleep quality, your bedding also plays a significant role. Uncomfortable or scratchy sheets can make falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult. 


While your bedding materials are essential, you may also want to experiment with the weight of your bedding and blankets. A weighted blanket can help you feel more snuggled up, warm, and toasty on nights where you just can’t relax enough to go to sleep. These blankets come in a variety of weights, so make sure to experiment to find the best one for you and your sleep position

       4. Eliminate Noise 

If you live in a house with your family, try to eliminate all noise by a certain time to make sure that everyone can get to sleep soundly. This means telling your children when their televisions should be off, or at least the volume lowered. 


If you live in a vibrant city or an apartment complex and can’t control the level of noise outside of your unit, try a noise machine that can help you focus on just one sound that’s proven to help you fall asleep and stay asleep while drowning out all other sounds. Many people also use fans since they emit a mellow, relaxing sound while cooling a room for the right sleep temperature. 

       5. Keep Your Room Dark

When it’s time for bed, make sure to shut off all of the lights to let your mind and body know that it’s time to sleep. Artificial light mimics natural light, preventing you from sleeping. Eliminating all light will have the opposite effect and help induce sleep. If you live somewhere that’s bright outside, even at night, you might want to invest in high-quality blackout curtains that can keep your room dark even when the light outside is bright. 


Again, this is another reason to take your television out of the bedroom. While your spouse stays up late watching television, your sleep quality is taking a serious hit that can prevent you from performing at your best the following day. 


There are a number of things that can impact the quality of your sleep. Luckily, you can improve and maximize your sleep environment to sleep better every night. 



  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    I never have my bedroom tv on and they say a weighted blanket is good but not for hot sleepers like myself. Good tips though. Thank you.