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5 Fundamentals to Staying Active and Healthy

I have been compensated by Sundown Naturals® and Pollinate Media Group for this post as part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sundown Naturals® but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #GoodnessGiveaway #sharethegoodness http://my-disclosur.es/OBstV


There are many ways to stay active and healthy. At the core of my pursuit of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are 5 fundamentals:

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Vitamins
  3. Eat a balanced diet
  4. Stress management
  5. Sleep


Regular exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to staying active. For people like me (that got a bit out of shape over the years) the road back to physical fitness can be tough. It is easy to be discouraged when you aren’t performing like you used to. To avoid burnout make getting fit enjoyable. Do exercises you like. Listen to your favorite music when you are working out. Bring a book to read when you are on a cardio machine or stream movies on your phone. Do whatever it takes to make exercise enjoyable and you will find it easier to push through your soreness and fatigue.


Taking vitamins is important to living a healthy lifestyle and staying active. Your body requires lots of nutrients to perform at its best. When I was young I took lots of vitamins. I was always on top of the latest supplement trends. Vitamins helped me achieve my goals but somehow over time I fell away from it all. Now that I have been taking Sundown Naturals® Adult GUMMY vitamins for a while, I am starting to feel like my healthy lifestyle is supported again. Incorporating vitamins back into my daily routine has benefited me in all kinds of ways, the most important of which is to help me keep striving toward maintaining health and activity.

Gummy vitamins aren’t just for kids anymore. How I came about Sundown Naturals® Adult Gummy vitamins is an interesting story. While I was at Walmart restocking my vitamin supply I discovered Sundown Naturals® had a huge selection of gummy vitamins so I snagged a few. Rather than gagging down a handful of pills, I thought it would be great if I could just eat my vitamins instead. After taking my Fish Oil Gummies, I became an instant fan. Chewing a gummy is so much more satisfying than swallowing down a pill! Sundown Naturals® Adult Gummy vitamins come in a variety of types with a multitude of benefits. They taste great, have no artificial flavors and they are gluten free◊. Interested in trying some Sundown Naturals® yourself? Fantastic! Head into Walmart and purchase at least 1 Sundown Naturals® Vitamin to enter the Goodness Giveaway Sweepstakes today  for a chance to win weekly prize packages and a grand prize! Every week, one winner will be selected to choose from 1 of 4 prize packs – Yogi Pack, Fitness Pack, Foodie Pack, or a $100 Walmart Gift Card. Simply upload a picture of your receipt here and you are entered for a chance to win some incredible prizes now through 11/1! To find out what gummy is best suited for your just take this short quiz. To learn more about the health benefits of Sundown Naturals® Adult Gummies follow the link.

Eating a balanced diet is crucial to being healthy. Choosing your food wisely makes all the difference in the world. When I was eating carelessly I put on a lot of weight. My portion sizes were out of control and my food choices were mostly all carbs. While I don’t have diabetes, I am modeling my meals according to the type 2 diabetes diet. This diet is all about eating what you want but in moderation.

Without some sort of stress management system in place staying active and healthy can become almost impossible. When you’re stressed it’s easy to skip exercise and fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Stress can also lead to overeating and increase your desire for foods that put on weight. In order to manage your stress, find activities you like and make time for them in your schedule. Take a walk, swing in the hammock for a while, read a book, write in your blog, share pictures on social media. Do whatever it takes to decompress from the stresses of everyday life.

Sleep is also important. Not getting enough rest can affect you in virtually all aspects of your life. In today’s world, it’s easy to become sleep deprived. As the demands of life pile up sometimes it’s as though there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Work schedules can be hectic and when you have kids, sleep becomes a precious commodity. As adults, we sometimes have to go without the recommended 8 hours of sleep. When you do have to go without sleep try to make up for it. Sleep in when you can because your body, mind, and spirit really need it.

Living an active, healthy lifestyle can be challenging sometimes. If you have fallen away from it for a while like me, don’t beat yourself up. It’s never too late to start making better choices. Exercising regularly, taking vitamins, eating a balanced diet, stress management, and sleep are fundamental to living an active healthy lifestyle. Whatever you do, just know that Sundown Naturals® Adult Gummies are here to help you achieve your goals.


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    This is all the stuff I do but not the gummy version. I will have to try it.