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5 Awesome Tips to Keep Your Children Busy at Home


Having kids can be one of the most beautiful things that can happen in your life. They are too cute and genuine to resist, making each day brighter for you. However, being a parent would sometimes mean that you have to multitask between housework and taking care of your kids. There are even parents who are committed to working to a home-based full-time job which makes it more difficult to manage the time they have for work and for their kids.

Do you want to know how to make things work for you? Well, we are very glad to share it with you! For you to work on other stuff while your kids are with you, keep them entertained with activities that are safe and will keep them excitingly busy too! We have compiled the top 5 awesome tips that will surely help you with your problem. You can check them out below.

House Game

There is no one in this world that hasn’t experienced being a child who likes to play playing house or house game. It’s the type of game where your kids can play the role of a father who works in a farm, a mother who cooks and clean the house, a kid who is taken care off, and some friends and neighbor. It is a traditional game that requires toys too such as kitchen set for kids, stuffed toys, and more.

You can also use dolls where your kid can take good care of them like a mother to her children. If you don’t have a little house where they can play, it would be best to set up some small part of your house as their playing house. This way, you can be sure that they will remain in that place, avoiding them from going out which can be very dangerous.


Children love wonderful colors. Yes! You’ve read that right. So, the best thing to do is to let them explore different color combination through painting. The only materials you need to buy are a painting set which includes painting brush. Just make sure that the paintings you’ve purchased don’t contain any toxic materials.

Additionally, do not forget to let them paint in a room to secure the other things inside your house that can be unintentionally painted too. In this way, you can start exposing your children to the arts which might trigger their skills and passion for arts.

Toys and Puzzles

These are the normally used materials to keep your children entertained. You can place all these toys and puzzles in a room where your children can indulge themselves to different colors of the toys and the puzzles.

Other than toys and puzzle games, you can still add other toys for your children such as alphabet cards, construction toys, toy cars, and some toy sets. However, you must remind them right away to not swallow any or put inside their mouth these toys. It is important that you remind the first of how these toys are used.

Educational Apps

Educational apps can now be downloaded wherever and whenever. All you need to have is a laptop, tablet, or cellphone where your kids can access these educational games. However, the use of these technologies should matter with regards to the age of your child. They are not applicable for children below 5 years old.

Consider getting a tabletop cell phone holder for your child’s convenient gaming. These educational games are considered to be the most effective one when we talk about entertainment. They will not easily get bored with the various levels that they have to play. The best examples of educational games are the ones with spelling, quiz game, and alphabet letters. However, there must be a limit of using these technologies, for too much use might lead to gadget addiction.

Street Games

Before gadgets and other toys are made, children before are used to playing street games. But they still never go out of style these days! You should let your children experienced playing outside your house where they can move around with their friends. Just don’t forget that this type of game needs your guidance, in order to make sure that they are safe outside.

James Playing

Street games can be fun but there are still a lot of things you should consider before letting them play outside. Other factors like the age of your kid and the weather outside should be something you have to keep a close watch.


With all the tips mentioned above, you can be very confident that you keep your children busy while you are doing some stuff at home. Just don’t forget to give your children the right attention or some “parent and baby me time” as this is the only thing that they need best!



  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Good advice for those of you with children and grandchildren.