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4 Ways to Make Life Easier for Loved Ones with Reduced Mobility

Providing the right care for any of your aging family members that live in your home is important. You may be helping your parents that are getting up in years, and this can be a real challenge each day to accomplish. Being able to give back to your loved ones can be one of the best things you do and is sure to make you feel good. It’s important to know ways you can assist in making life easier for people you care about that may suffer from reduced mobility issues. Here are things you can do to achieve this goal.
Install a lift chair

If you have stairs in your home, this can present a challenge for individuals to climb and get around with ease. However, having a multiple level house can provide you with the additional living space and is typically desired by many homeowners despite dealing with this obstacle.

One of the ways to make mobility easier, if this is the type of property you have, is by purchasing a lift chair. This device can be installed to the rails on your stairs, and allows your loved one to access the upper levels of the house.

Adding a ramp

It’s important to make getting in and out of your home as simple as possible. If you have a lot of steps, that may make it challenging for people suffering from mobility issues. One way to address this concern is by adding a ramp.

If you’re a handy person, you may be able to do this job yourself to help lower your costs. Pick a day or weekend when you don’t have a lot to do to get this task accomplished with ease.

FIXR states the average cost for a 30 ft. wooden ramp is $1,500-$3,000. There are numerous factors that will affect the final price for a ramp, including the type of wood you use and where you reside.

Purchase gadgets

One way to increase your peace of mind when you’re away and your loved one is at home alone is to rely on various types of gadgets. For instance, having a medical alert monitor that will contact assistance if this person falls down while home alone can be accommodating.

Having a device of this type may encourage this person to be more active and can reduce feelings of being afraid to go places and do things.

Getting groceries

If you don’t have any issues getting around, you may want to lend a hand whenever possible. Doing something as simple as going to get groceries can be helpful and greatly appreciated by the people in your life.

This can be one chore that is extremely challenging when mobility is difficult and just walking around the store can be hard to accomplish. Other things that make grocery shopping hard is reaching shelves and lifting some of the heavier items that are needed each week.

Doing all you can to make life easier for older adults you care about is certainly worth your effort. Take time today to do what you can for your loved ones, and it will be appreciated greatly when you do!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Some great tips for caregivers.