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4 Types of Diving Masks to Try

When diving, it is crucial to prevent water from getting into your eyes and nose. Light can bend when it reaches the water surface which can make it hard to see. To be safe when immersed underwater, always use a diving mask.

Diving masks come in different designs, features, and functionality. You need to find one that perfectly fits, is comfortable to wear, does not leak, and is easy on your wallet. Below is a list of the different types of diving mask available in today’s market that you can try:

1) Full Face Diving Masks

This is a recent mask designed that has transformed exploration underwater. Unlike most diving masks that cover just the eyes and nose, this band mask is designed for full-face cover. The mask enables breathing through one’s nose, just like on land, and comes with a mouthpiece for communication.

This mask does not fog. It gives the diver a wider field of view. It is also leak-proof. Hence, you are protected from the dirt in water and possible jellyfish stings. Also, you will not have a jaw ache or a gag reflex since it does not have a jaw snorkel. Whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving, the full-face mask will make your adventure hassle-free. For a comprehensive review of the best full-face snorkel masks of 2019, visit https://scubalist.pro/full-face-snorkel-mask. They have a listing of the top three full-face snorkel masks for you as well as their pros and cons. There are images for each of them and a detailed guide on how to choose the best full-face mask.

2) Single Lens Diving Mask

This mask is designed with a single eye front window instead of two for both eyes. It comes with a smaller nose bridge, so you get an open and spacious view underwater. Single lens masks enable you to turn your head on both directions without losing vision. This mask is good for straight and depth vision and can as well be used to view closer objects. However, since it is made of glass, it might be heavier. Before buying one, try it on to confirm if you are comfortable with this weight.

3) Prescription Dive and Snorkel Masks

This mask is meant for people who have to wear glasses to see clearly. A lens that corrects your vision will be fitted onto the diving mask. Your optometrist will help find the right underwater vision lens for you in terms of sphere, cylinder, and axis. You will need this since there is no point in snorkeling or scuba diving if you will not get to see underwater.

4) Twin Lens Diving Masks

This double lens mask has two different split-view panels and has a teardrop design. The masks require less air for pressure equalization. With this diving mask, you have an incredible field of view, especially depth vision. You will never feel like your underwater adventure is being limited. They are lighter compared to single lens masks, making them comfortable to wear, especially for those elongated diving sessions requiring involving activities.


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