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4 Smartphone Features Every Mom Needs

If you’re a mom, your smartphone is probably never far behind in case school or work calls, you want to snap a quick selfie with your kids, or need a break and want to hop onto social media to connect with friends. And this day in age, it’s rare for Moms not to have a cell phone. According to Edison Research and Triton, 97 percent of moms owned a cell phone in 2017. If there’s any surprise there, it’s that there are still three percent of moms still aren’t highly accessible and ready to engage.

Smartphone ownership doesn’t mean moms all use smartphones the same way. From which social media platforms they use most to how the find sources of information and entertainment, moms’ smartphone use, and habits are evolving, which means a greater demand for specific features. From battery life to processing speed, here are four smartphone features every mom needs.

Wireless Charging

We’ve all done it. We’re out running around with the kids or at a soccer game and finally have a few minutes of downtime to connect with friends on our smartphone when we realized we forgot to charge it up and it’s about to quit on us. A smartphone with long battery life is a must, but so is one other crucial element: wireless charging. The Samsung Galaxy S8 26-hour talk time and wireless charging capability give busy moms plenty of battery life to listen to online music and podcasts, shoot videos for their kids, and connect with work when they need to without worrying about missing a day of charging. The wireless charger is compact and ready to use, whether or not you have an outlet handy.

High-Quality Camera

According to Edison research, moms are increasingly using social media across multiple platforms. Aside from the reigning winner, Facebook, more and more moms are using their smartphone cameras to indulge in Pinterest (47 percent), Instagram (37 percent) and Snapchat (29 percent).

Each of these social media platforms attracts users looking for stunning photos to obsess over or share, as well as upload short videos of themselves and their families like on Snapchat. Although the iPhone X isn’t a budget-friendly option, the iPhone X’s camera takes beautiful portrait mode selfies with crisp backgrounds that you can blur for an artistic slant. Its True Depth camera features a quick 12MP sensors, color filter, deep pixels, and a telephoto camera.

Fast Processor

Over a week period in 2017, moms reported to Edison Research that they spent 13 hours and 54 minutes listening to AM or FM radio stations and Internet-only audio sources. In other words, moms love streaming audio for music, podcasts, and more. And there’s nothing worse than waiting for your smartphone to catch up to speed and stop lagging through listening to streaming audio and downloading graphics.

That’s why moms need a smartphone with a super fast mobile processor to keep up with in-demand apps from Pandora to Live FM. The MotoZ2 is super fast, has tons of RAM, and 64GB of storage to download your favorite audio, videos, or grab a presentation on the fly for work or school.

Durability and Water Resistant

Moms need smartphones that are nearly indestructible from little fingers and drops into the bathtub. A smartphone case can help, though it can’t protect your phone from every incident of toddlers running off with a device in hand and throwing it down the stairs. The Galaxy S9 features increased drop protection, a more durable and crack resistant display, and it can withstand a dunk in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30-minutes. That means that if your phone goes missing and is actually at the bottom of the bathtub, you can likely retrieve it and save it without needing to go for the bag of dry rice trick that never really seemed to work anyway.

Find the Features That Matter to You

The good news about the smartphone evolution is manufacturers are stepping up to offer the features consumers and moms really want from the best and long-charging battery life to durability. Focus on the features you need most and then choose a smartphone in your budget and that suits your aesthetic style. Once you’re up and running and listening to your favorite music and snapping photos, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Wireless charging would be great for me because by the time I realize the phone needs charging it is time to leave . Water is not a Moms friend when it comes to your phones especially around small children. Good articles with all the tings Moms need to consider.