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4 Simple Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Overhead Warehouse Doors

Even the highest quality garage door will eventually need replacing. Take a good look at the overhead doors on your commercial warehouse. Is it time to invest in new ones? If any of these four conditions apply, the time to start comparing replacement options is now.

Rusted or Rotted Door Sections

Wooden doors will eventually begin to rot. Metal doors will develop rust over time. Even if you do an excellent job of maintaining the doors, it’s only a matter of time before these issues develop. While you could spend time and money trying to undo the damage, the upkeep will eventually exceed the cost of replacing those doors. A better choice is to work with a provider who has an excellent commercial door inventory and make plans to buy new doors.

Difficult to Raise and Lower

The function is important for any door, including warehouse doors. You want to make it easier for employees to open and close them when necessary. That includes when they need to drive forklifts into the space to retrieve raw materials for production purposes or prepare finished goods for transport to the loading dock. If one or more of the doors are increasingly difficult to open or close, it’s time to invest in a new garage door.

The Door is Mainly Patches

You’ve already gone the route of repairing the doors repeatedly. At this point, there’s not much of the original doors left. What you have hanging in place is mainly patches that were added incrementally over the last few years. While the doors may still work, it’s only a matter of time before you begin applying patches on top of the patches already in place.

With nothing left to patch, what will you do now? Admit that it’s time to replace the old doors, find a company with an ample commercial door inventory, and choose designs that work well for your place of business. Along with looking a lot better, you’ll find that the new doors don’t take as much time or expense to maintain.

The Door Offers Little in the Way of Security

The fact is that the door does not offer much in the way of security. Anyone with the desire could break through it with relative ease. Do you want unauthorized people to have easy access to your raw materials? How about the finished goods that you plan on using to fill customer orders? Weigh the risk of keeping the old doors against the potential for theft. It won’t take long to see why a new garage door or two makes sense.

Call a supplier who carries a versatile commercial door inventory and talk about what you have in mind. Take a look at some of the designs that are available in the sizes needed. Make sure the doors you select have all the features you want. Once they are purchased and mounted in position, you can rest assured your warehouses and their contents are safe and secure.