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4 Safety Tips Every Traveler Should Know

It’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement of traveling, with so much to plan, so much to pack and even more to organize and decide. You’ll find plenty of tips on what to pack, where you should visit, how to make the most of your time abroad and essentially how to have a good time, but have you considered how to stay safe whilst you’re away from home?

It might seem like I’m putting a downer on your upcoming trip, but I’m not! Staying safe whilst you’re aboard means that you’re more likely to enjoy yourself and not get into too much trouble…something which would really put a downer on your adventures and even potentially cut them short. Here you’ll find some simple safety tips that you can bear in mind when you’re out there, and hopefully, your travels will go ahead without a hitch!

Sun protection

Sun safety is something that we’re all guilty of neglecting from time to time. But when you’re spending long periods in hot countries, and hours and hours in the intense sun, you need to take it seriously. Having the right eyewear is essential when you’re abroad, and protecting your eyes from the suns harmful rays will ensure you’re not likely to damage them: you’ll find a fantastic range of eyewear on this website including circle sunglasses and aviator style eyewear, so don’t take the risk and invest in a good pair on sunglasses. You’ll also need a high factor sun cream, a wide-brimmed hat – preferably something that covers your neck – and also plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. 

A first aid kit

Even the most experienced travelers won’t head off without one. This doesn’t need to be a huge bulky thing, just a small pack (small enough to fit into your rucksack) that contains the most basic of first aid items. Sterile bandages or gauze, plasters, antiseptic creams, insect bite relief, anti-histamines, eye wash fluid, sterile gloves, diarrhea and pain relief tablets. Remember – anything can happen!  

Hand sanitizing products

You’ll find when you’re on the road that many places won’t have the hygienic toilets or hand washing facilities that we’re accustomed to. Not to mention handling money, touching door handles, even picking up cutlery. All these things make your hands a breeding ground for bacteria…something which can completely derail your trip. To be on the safe side, travel with a small bottle of hand sanitizer and some antibacterial wipes so you can quickly clean your hands before you eat or after you’ve been to the toilet.

Travel insurance 

You’ve probably taken steps to get some travel insurance sorted before you go, but does it cover everything? Travel insurance means that if your luggage is lost o if your flight is canceled or delayed then you’re covered. But you need to make sure that your policy also covers you medically. Whether you slip in the hostel shower and break your leg, or you chip a tooth on something, having the right medical insurance means that you’ll have access to the very best in medical care no matter where you are in the world.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    All great travel tips that I always follow. Always have hand sanitizer in my handbag.