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4 Need-to-Know Tips for Assisted Living in 2019

Do you have a loved one in need of assistance? Has living in his or her own home become too difficult, even with someone coming in to provide the needed help? It may be that this individual has had in-home care and that is no longer enough. When this time comes, consider an assisted living facility. However, making the transition to this type of care can be a challenge. Following are some ways to make the process easier.

Transitioning to a Facility

Many seniors don’t want to leave their home and move into an assisted living facility. Ask the staff for tips that will help make this process easier for assisted living residents and the loved one. It can be difficult for people to make the transition to a new residence or for current residents to accept someone new, especially when there are other underlying issues, such as the need for memory care. The more a person asks about how to work through this process smoothly, the easier it will be for all involved. Staff members deal with these situations regularly and will be happy to share any advice they have.

Know What the Facility Offers

Make certain the facility can meet the needs of the loved one. For example, if the person needs help with their daily medication, ask if there is a staff member available at all times for this task. Others simply require assistance with preparing meals and many facilities now offer this service or provide meals for residents. However, don’t simply focus on the current needs of the person. Try to anticipate what they may require in the future and find a facility that offers those services too. This helps to ensure the senior doesn’t have to move multiple times to guarantee his or her needs are met.


Does your loved one enjoy golfing or spend countless hours knitting new items for loved ones? Make certain the facility offers access to preferred activities so the senior will be content in his or her new surroundings. Furthermore, be sure that regular outings are provided so the individual can have the supplies he or she needs to engage in this activity. This may be a trip to a new golf course or an outing to a local yarn store. While older individuals often like to be surrounded by things they are familiar with, trying something new is always good.

Decorate the Room

Most assisted living facilities to have rooms that all look the same when a new resident arrives. Help the loved one make this room his or her own personal space. Put favorite pictures on the wall, bring blankets he or she loves to snuggle up in and choose to bed in their favorite color. Doing so helps to make the space more familiar to them and brings them comfort during the move. Furthermore, having familiar things around can be of great help when their mind wanders, as they may recognize these things and know they are in the right place.

Nobody likes giving up their independence. However, at times this becomes necessary. When it does, assisted living may be the answer. Use the above information to make the transition from living at home to living at a facility easier. Everyone will appreciate the effort that is put into accomplishing this goal. 


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