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4 Home Items That Should Be on Your Holiday Wish List

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When your family or partner asks you for your holiday wish list, (and they are sure to let you know you’re late, they’ve already started the holiday shopping at the first of November) it can be hard to share with them just exactly what you would like. I’ve tried telling my family to donate money to a charity of their choice instead of getting me a gift, but it’s just not something they’re prepared to do. They argue that I work hard all year and deserve something for myself. No matter what I say, I can’t convince them otherwise.

This makes writing up a holiday wish list all the more aggravating—yep, that’s the word, aggravating. It feels selfish to ask for things when there is so much going on in the world. Why do I deserve something nice? But you know what? Everyone deserves to have one nice thing, including you. You work hard and you donate and volunteer where you can, so why not let your more-than-willing family do something nice for you this holiday season? Here are four items that’ll be used, appreciated and welcome.


Be honest: is the flatware you’re currently using at home the college cutlery you had in college? Is it made up of odd-matching knives, forks and spoons with plastic handles and rusted necks? If you’re nodding your head yes, then it’s time to replace them. Buying flatware isn’t exactly a fun purchase. After all, it just sits in a drawer until it needs to be used. But for the gift giver, buying you something you need will make them feel good. It will also eliminate you having to go out and buy the cutlery yourself.

When perusing the internet for a flatware set that’s not too expensive but will do the job, you’ll learn that there is really no such thing as “cheap” flatware. Offer to go in on a home decorating wish list with your S.O., you’ll have given them the list they’ve asked for and will have helped to save money together on all of your home design needs.


If you want to invite your friends over more often for a cocktail but don’t have the glassware to do so, add it to your wish list. You can find affordable drinkware sets at companies like YLiving and Wayfair. Check out the set of four Lempi Glasses on sale at YLiving. Designed by Iittala to be a universal drinking glass (you can dress it down for picnics or dress it up for formal affairs) the Lempi glasses are ergonomic and simple, but also stylish. Best of all, they’re dishwasher safe!

Sheet Set

How often do you change your sheets? Do you have more than one set? If you had more than one set, you’d be able to change your sheets more often, right? Asking for a sheet set with at least a 500-thread count will make for a cozy, soft and comfortable night’s sleep. Before adding the sheet set to your list, make sure it follows what you want in color, thread count and durability, you might otherwise get a superhero themed set for a joke gift.

Table Lamp

You’ll want your wish list to include things you’ll seemingly use every day, so why not ask for a new table lamp? Does your living room lighting need a pick me up? Lighting companies like Lumens offer expertly crafted and well-designed desk lamps that’ll fit the holiday gift giving exchange budget. And if it’s too expensive, you can always suggest making donations, hehe!

The holidays are about showing your appreciation for friends and family, it’s necessary to remember that they want to show it to you too. Don’t be a Grinch this holiday season!