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4 Great Reasons to Consider a Complete Basement Renovation

Have you wondered what could be done with the basement? While it’s in basically decent shape, it’s become more of a collection point for whatever can’t be stored in other parts of the house. Now is the time to clear out the space and arrange for a full basement renovation. If you are not sure what to do with the space, here are some ideas to consider.

Your Growing Family Could Use Another Bedroom

Having a larger family is great, but each new additions means making room for another person. Since things are getting a little crowded, why not consider converting the basement into a bedroom for one of the older kids? The team at Penguin Basements in Cambridge can help with planning things like lighting, outlet placement, and layout. When the space is finished, it will be the perfect place for a teenager to enjoy some privacy and have friends over.

A Nice Suite For Guests

Weekend guests are something you enjoy from time to time, but it does mean family members have to double up for a night or two. One way to make sure everyone is comfortable is to arrange for a complete basement renovation and convert the space into a guest suite. The suite can include a sitting area, a sleeping area, and even a private bath. If you like, include a kitchenette so your guests can brew coffee in the morning or keep a few snacks handy.

Creating a Game Room for the Family

What sort of games do members of the family enjoy? With the aid of Penguin Basements in Cambridge, the basement can be converted into a well-rounded game room. There’s space set aside for video games, tables that are perfect for working on jigsaw puzzles, and even tables that are always ready for board or card games. The nice thing is that when someone is in the mood to play a game, there’s no need to haul anything out of the closet. All you have to do is head to the converted basement, find a comfortable spot, and start playing.

How About a Home Office?

You’ve wanted a home office for several different reasons. Maybe you like the idea of having a place to keep all the family financial records. Perhaps you’d like to do some freelance work or even start your own home-based business. A quick basement renovation can include shelving, lighting updates, and other elements that make the space perfect for any type of office use.

There are other ways to put that basement space to good use. Think about how a full renovation would be beneficial to your family. Call the team at Penguin Basements in Cambridge and arrange for a consultation. Once you come up with a purpose, it will be easy to determine what it will take to transform the space, how much the project will cost, and when it can be completed.