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4 Friendly Tips When Buying Your Own House

Buying a residential property is a serious matter. This is why you must be well informed before signing the purchase agreement. People planning to buy a house should be careful when looking for a property to take. Aside from the money you’ll be paying every month, the safety and comfort of your family should also be a concern.

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If you don’t want to mess up your future with a wrong property, consider these friendly advice in buying your first house.

Create a realistic plan.

Everyone wants to live in a stylish house with nice driveway and porch. It is also great to own a property with a wide backyard where you can set a garden full of herbs and flowers. Unfortunately, such property is expensive. When choosing which house to buy, be sure you pick according to your lifestyle. What is a huge house for if you’re only a family of three? Why pick a house with garage if you do not have a car? Aside from these, you should also consider the mortgage and the money you’ll spend in maintaining the house.

Set your budget and think ahead.

Paying for a house is difficult. Buyers should learn to budget their salary and make sure they have money to pay for the mortgage, bills, daily expenses, and for emergencies. Tim Kirchner former vice president of MetLife Bank said that if you really want to have a house, it must be your priority. He also added that “most people need to sacrifice a little and stick to a budget in order to save for a home.”

While there may be affordable properties in the market, like the houses for sale in Melbourne from Lend Lease, or the residential houses in the US as featured in Zillow, you still need to save money for other expenses. Act ahead; take part time or online jobs to have money to pay for the house and have a bigger budget for your daily expenses.

Pay your debt

To save money on a property, you need to increase your credit score so banks will allow you to take affordable mortgage rate. The best way to increase your score is by paying your debt. Greg Holmes an expert real estate agent said, “lenders do not want to see a lot of credit inquiries or too many new accounts because this could indicate someone who is about to take on a lot of extra debt.” Pay your debts as early as possible to avoid banks denying your loans.

Check the community

Sure the house you are planning to buy is affordable and comfortable, but if you’re living in a community far from your work, unsafe, and noisy, is it still worth buying? This is why you need to visit the property first before sealing the deal. You need to understand how it actually feels to walk around the community. Talk with your neighbor, observe the people, evaluate if you see yourself living in this place for a long time.

Honestly, there is no exact way to check if you’re buying the best property or not because it still boils down to whether the house fits your lifestyle and budget or not. If you plan carefully, you can find a house that suits your budget, without compromising the comfort of your family.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Great advice and should be give to all first time home buyers.