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4 Examples of Incontinence Supplies You May Not Think Of Right Away

Whether your incontinence is the temporary result of surgery or something you will have to live with the rest of your life, you will need supplies to help you manage the condition. Some of them, like incontinence underwear, are things you already know must be kept on hand. Other types of supplies, such as wound fillers, may not be so obvious. Here are four essentials that you should keep at home as well as take along when you are out of the house for any amount of time.

Protection for Furniture and Mattresses

There are pads you can purchase to protect upholstered furniture as well as bedding. You may have thought of purchasing some of these for use at home. Remember they can also come in handy when you visit someone or take a trip. The pads can be placed on any type of chair and will certainly come in handy if you want to protect the mattress in your hotel room.

Some pads are smaller, but you can also get pads large enough to fit around any mattress. Check out the different types and sizes in your favorite medical supplies store and invest in a few. You’ll soon see how they help you feel more comfortable about being away from the home.

Medicated Wipes

Another must is to keep medicated wipes on hand at all time. The wipes are great for situations where you don’t have immediate access to soap and water. They also contain ingredients that help to prevent chafing and leave you feeling fresher. This is important since the last thing you need is to have several events while out and find that the skin is getting a little irritated. Unless you want to keep a lot of wound fillers on hand to bandage those areas, the medicated wipes are an excellent solution.

Disposable Bags

One thing you will learn quickly is that tossing a soiled disposable pair of incontinence underwear into a public trash receptacle is not proper. A better approach is to order a reasonable quantity of disposable bags from a medical supplies store. These bags can be among the things you take along any time you leave the house. If an accident should occur and you need to tidy up in a public restroom. simply slip the soiled underwear into the bag, seal it, and then place it in the trash bin. These bags are scented to help calm the smell and contain the soiled garment so that no one ends up touching it.

Lotions and Balms

Along with medicated wipes and wound fillers to ease skin irritation or open sores, you also want to keep some type of soothing lotion or balm on hand. Choose a product that contains the nutrients your skin needs to remain supple and healthy. It’s not so much about having a scent as it is to use the lotion to ease irritation and prevent skin conditions. After cleaning yourself, applying a thin coat of a greaseless lotion will help you feel better and certainly be good for the skin.

There are other types of supplies that you should keep on hand at all times. Your doctor can provide a general list. Consulting with others who live with the same condition will yield more ideas. With the aid of a properly stocked medical supplies store, you can be prepared for just about any sudden event and be able to handle it with ease and confidence.