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4 DIY Safety Must Haves

Carrying out tasks yourself at home can be a fun and learning experience, but you need to ensure that safety comes first, not only for you but your entire family. As more and more people try to take on do-it-yourself projects, also known as DIY tasks, at home in a bid to save some money, there has been an increase in cases of injuries reported in various hospitals. It matters less whether you are an experienced DIY or just starting out, just ensure that you consider all safety measures before embarking on doing anything yourself at home. You can get more details on ratemywelder.com about these safety measures. Here are four safety apparatus that you must have.

Photo Credit: Steve Buissinne

  1.    First Aid Box

You need a first aid kit whether you are a DIY kind of a person or not. A first aid kit comes in handy to manage an injury or a condition that might arise in the course of your activities. A first aid kit can a difference between life and death. For instance, you can assist someone to slow their bleeding if they have been cut severely as they wait for an ambulance to rush them to the nearest hospital. The kit also saves you time in case of minor injuries since you can have them treated at home and continue with your tasks.

  1.    Aprons, Gloves, and Helmets

This should be a no brainer. You need protective attire when carrying out tasks at home. Whether it is repairing the ceiling, or the broken shingles or water pipes, you need to be dressed appropriately. Get some apron and gloves as well as helmets. If you are used to doing these tasks, then it would help if you have several since you will frequently be asking for assistance from your friends. You will need to have some to spare to share with your friends. Protective gear is necessary to prevent unnecessary injuries like objects falling on your head or getting bruises on your hands. You also get work more comfortably.

  1.    Fire Extinguisher

Once in a while, you have small fires around your home. They might at first seem harmless, but if left unattended to, they might cost you your home. It is important to have this device closer by in case of any emergencies. You can prevent massive losses by controlling a small fire rather than getting caught off-guard and having to wait helplessly for the firefighters. Ensure that you have several of these devices and teach everyone in the family how to use one. You never know when it might come in handy.

  1.    Emergency Contact List

This list is essential to have at home and especially for DIYers. You never know when a serious accident will occur. Have a list of family doctors that can be called anytime in case of an emergency. You might get injured and pass out before being able to call for assistance. With this list, your family or the people you are working with can easily call for help and even inform your family members.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I want a first aid box. Good idea.