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3 Must-Pack Items for Your Summer Vacation

When it comes time to pack for your summer vacation, it may be tempting to just pack some shorts and t-shirts and be done with it. However, by packing just any old t-shirts, you run the risk of overheating, sweating and getting a sunburn, since not all clothing is equal when it comes to breathability and being able to block out harmful rays from the sun.

Many fabric choices provide no protection. While cotton may feel comfortable, the weave of a cotton shirt will still allow the sun’s rays to beam through, and its heavy fibers will leave your sweating up a storm. This article will look at the perfect, must-pack fabric for a summer vacation, as well as a couple other items that should make their way into your luggage.

Merino Wool Clothing

You may be wondering why wool clothing, of all things, made the top of the list for a summer vacation. Most people associate wool with their winter wardrobe, and not with their summer attire, but what many people do not know is that Merino Wool has benefits that winter wool clothing does not have. You see, the Merino sheep that produce this unique kind of wool live in very harsh, extreme conditions, and their wool coats are specially adapted for the extreme heat and cold of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. This makes Merino wool perfect for adapting to the heat of the summer and the cold temperatures of the winter.

Merino wool is great for sweat-wicking, and even though the material blocks out the UV rays of the sun, it is still breathable. It’s true that a lot of Merino wool clothing out there is pretty sporty, but you can find great, straightforward stuff too, like the merino wool clothing from Unbound Merino online, which is actually made specifically for travelers.


Nothing makes a vacation more unbearable than getting a sunburn. Even if you pack the best clothes to combat the sun’s rays, your face and hands are still exposed to the elements, and you will need to apply sunblock on a regular basis. It is a common belief that the higher the SPF, the more protection you are provided, but the truth is, the only difference between SPF15, SPF30, and SPF50 is the amount of time it takes to wear off. The SPF50 will protect you for an additional hour, but only if you are in a controlled environment, so if you are slightly forgetful, you may want to set a reminder for yourself to reapply.


While it may seem like something obvious to pack, the majority of people packing for a summer vacation forget their bathing suit. Typically, summer vacation activities are scheduled around swimming, so whether you are planning on going to the beach, or finding a swimming hole to dive into, you will need basic swimwear that fits you comfortably. Check out this handy list of the best places to buy swimwear online – a lot of your summer vacation enjoyment might surround self-confidence, so you want to put your best foot forward.

Between the heat-beating comfort of merino wool, the protective benefits of sunscreen and the dazzling looks of a good bathing suit, you’re all set for your summer adventure.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Who knew that about wool? Very interesting.