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3 Benefits of Touchless Toilets

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Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in a house or any structure for that matter. But they can also be very unhygienic especially when not regularly cleaned. But even if they are cleaned often, there is still a high rate of germs and bacteria in a bathroom compared to the rest of the house. Having a touchless toilet can be beneficial for you as a homeowner if you want to lessen the physical contact with the toilet lever, which often breeds illness. Read on for more information on how it can benefit you.

  1. It is more convenient and easier to use – The reason why more and more technology is being invented nowadays is so that our quality of life will be better. From the most complicated processes to the most mundane everyday things, these are all made better by modern technology. A touchless toilet, in particular, allows you to have a better experience. Unlike older models where you need to fiddle knobs and levers, this time there are sensors that can be found on the side or top of the tank that flushes the toilet automatically, without your hand touching the toilet. You only need to put your hand above the sensor and your toilet will already flush. Pretty convenient right?
  2. It is more economical – Buying a new toilet can be expensive, and you may argue that it might be too impractical to buy a touchless toilet as it can more expensive than the regular ones you usually buy. But think about it this way, have you ever had a flush that did not work because of too many people mishandling it? They kick the toilet lever resulting in the wear and tear of the toilet. The more often that happens, the higher the chances that you will need to buy not just new fixtures but a new toilet too. A touchless toilet may seem impractical at the beginning but since it does not experience the same wear and tear of the ones we are used to, making it more cost effective. You can learn more on Homeworthylist.com if you wish to get more information and also know the top touchless toilets in the market today.
  3. It promotes a cleaner bathroom or restroom – You might think that just because a bathroom looks clean and pristine is that there is no more risk of germs being transferred, but it is still very much a reality. One of the ways that you the germs and bacteria are spread is through contact. This happens when one person who might be sick or who does not have proper hygiene touches the handle of the toilet in order to flush it. If it is a public toilet then there is more risk of the bacteria being transferred given the number of people that use it. With a touchless toilet, you don’t have to touch the toilet in order to flush it, thereby greatly reducing the occurrence of the germs being transferred from one person to another.



  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    I would love one. What a great idea for your home. I have seen them in commercial establishments but never in a residence.