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The Calgary Stampede: 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Through the Canadian Rockies #ExploreMore

I got a once in a lifetime opportunity recently to test drive the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. Well, it was more than just a test drive, it was more like an adventure. I got to explore a new place in a new country, Canada, with new friends (TerriAnn from Cookies & Clogs and Kelly from Texas Type-A Mom). It was an experience I will never forget, thanks you Ford Motor Company.

We traveled from Kamloops to Calgary through Glacier National Park and Banff National Park. We stopped at places along the way, on and off road, to test the new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. For four days and three nights the three of us pretty much lived in the Explorer. This is our journey…


Day One

I arrived in Kamloops late afternoon and was shuttled to our hotel, the Sandman Signature Kamloops Hotel. It was a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous view, but what really caught my eye were all the incredible 2016 Ford Explore Platinums that lined the parking lot. It was like eye candy for the auto enthusiast. I was really excited to learn more about the vehicle at dinner.

Explore More

Explore More Day 1 Collage

Later that evening we learned more about the design of the new Explorer, about the history of the vehicle, and about the #ExploreMore adventure tour we were about to embark upon the next day. I also had the opportunity to check out the Premium Sound from Sony® with Clear Phase and Live Acoustics. The 500 watts that came from the 12 speakers including a subwoofer, new 14-channel amp. was amazing. It was clear, crisp, and clean and it was great for those private Karaoke sessions that often take place in my vehicle.

If you don’t believe that these things happen check out the video TerriAnn, Kelly, and I made featuring the Sony audio.

 Day Two

After a quick bite to eat we grabbed our coolers, our luggage, and our snacks to hit the road. We were late getting out to pick up our vehicle so we got a Shadow Black Explorer with Medium Soft Ceramic Nirvana Leather stitched seats. I loved the PowerFold® 3rd row seating in our vehicle because with it up or down the storage capabilities were limitless.  Although we originally started out with TerriAnn and myself in the vehicle by lunch time we welcomed Kelly to our team and there was still so much room in the vehicle with 2 women’s luggage, cooler, photography equipment, snacks, and all the other things we had to bring.

Ford Kamloops Day Two (1 of 1)

Off we went to start our exploring through Kamloops and the open road on our way to Revelstoke.  Canada can be chilly in the morning, but it wasn’t anything the heated steering wheel couldn’t handle and it was welcoming after each stop when we got out to shoot photos. We stopped at a lot of places along the way including the British Columbia Wildlife Park, museums, and some off the road hidden gems that the Explorer’s Intelligent 4WD would tackle with ease. The SYNC® with MyFord Touch® and Voice-Activated Navigation System were great for us since none of us had knowledge of the area.

As evening neared we pulled into The Sutton Place Hotel to one the premier ski resorts between Kamloops and Calgary located in Revelstoke. It was the perfect back drop to capture what the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum encompasses, family adventure. The resort was just beautiful and the view, amazing!

Revelstoke Ford Collage

We enjoyed a nice dinner with a spectacular view before getting sleep for our last leg into Calgary the next day.  I even enjoyed a Canadian favorite, a Caesar or a bloody mary featuring Clamato juice.

Ford Revelstoke (1 of 1)

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Day Three

Have you ever drove from Kamloops to Calgary? It’s a mountainous drive full of twists and turns, definitely a tough ride for the faint of heart. I was so impressed with the 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 system and how the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum handled the terrain. I also found the Lane Keep System useful with this leg of our journey. By the time we pulled into Calgary we were all exhausted and I felt better knowing the system was activated. I also found the Active Park Assist was amazing when I had to park for lunch earlier in the trip and the only parking I could find was so narrow I wasn’t confident in my own skills to park. Finally, another favorite feature was the Front 180-degree Camera. I loved using it to make sure I could see around blind spots and to make sure I was pulled forward enough when I parked.

 This day, driving into Calgary through Banff was a dream for anyone who loves photography. There are no words to describe it, so I will share a couple of my favorite photos from Lake Louise and other stops along the way until we got to Hotel Arts.

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Rogers Pass 800

Lake Louise

Ford Calgary (1 of 1)

 This was a trip I will never forget. I got to explore places I probably would never have seen, meet people I will never forget, and experience a vehicle that will always be one of my all time favorites.