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Mom’s Little Helper is Here

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Little Helper through The Motherhood. Opinions are my own.

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I recently heard about a new mobile platform called Little Helper that helps manage day-to-day scheduling and household resources for the busy mom.  Although my son is a bit older I know most of my readers still have small kids and would really benefit from something like this so I signed up and created an account to check it out. My first impression was that this was a glorified babysitting tool where I can find sitters, but boy was I wrong. After looking around a little we had a great webinar with the owner of Little Helper and I learned so much more!

What did I learn?

I learned they truly understand the role of Mom as  the Chief Household Officer (CHO). They know that moms are running households, planning family schedules, arrange details for parties, vacations, playdates, and after school craziness. They also know that we rely heavily on tools such as text messages and emails but it just isn’t enough. So they looked at people they know are using and they realized that they already have networks of people they trust. So they built a platform around that instead of creating another wheel to just add more onto mom’s list.

Little Helper can make this process different because you are asking many people at once for help and they are able to volunteer their services by their own choosing instead of possibly feeling obligated to help.

Who are these people? 

They are people you already have supporting you (your babysitters, friends and family), but instead of asking them to watch the kids when you want to go out for date night and putting them on the spot you can utilize Little Helper and your support system is alerted that you need their help and if they are available they can respond, if not there is no pressure.

‘Essential relationships’ are the handful of people that you trust to help you, no matter when you need it. We call those people Helpers.

This “Ask vs Tell” relationship works so much better for everyone. For instance, if you don’t think you can pick up your son after school on Tuesday just put it in Little Helper that you have an event and need help. It notifies everyone in your network and they can choose to help you out on that day  without the pressure of you calling through a list of people you know looking for help. Easy-peasy.

You can learn more about the Little Helper App, still in beta to see all the great ways it can be used by visiting the Little Helper website.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Sounds like a good plan. I wish I had access to it when my children were smaller.