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12 Weeks Until Christmas: Week 1 Getting Organized (GIVEAWAY)


The holidays are always a hectic time for most families.   This year I am challenging myself (and you!) to get organized.  Starting now. Ready?

Over the next twelve weeks leading up to Christmas Life with Lisa, Kelly from 3 Boys & a Dog, Heather from Domestic Extraordinaire, and Christina from Mommy’s Must Haves, will take turns hosting a different organizational topic and giveaway to help you get ready for the holidays.  Here is the schedule so that you can follow along:

  1. LISA – Week 12 – Get Organized Week  October 2nd
  2. CHRISTINA – Week 11 – Closet Week  October 9th
  3. KELLI – Week 10 –  Don’t Forget The Computer  October 16th
  4. HEATHER – Week 9 – Travel Time  October 23rd
  5. HEATHER – Week 8 – Living Room October 30th
  6. LISA – Week 7 – Kitchen declutter November 6th
  7. CHRISTINA – Week 6 – Garage/Shed Week  November 13th
  8. KELLI – Week 5 – Thanksgiving is coming  November 20th
  9. HEATHER – Week 4 – Kids’ Domain November 27th
  10. CHRISTINA – Week 3 – Declutter Week December 4th
  11. LISA – Week 2 – Bathrooms December 11th
  12. KELLI – Week 1 – Final Sweeps Week December 18th

Tips to get organized now:

Start your lists NOW!  This weeks post includes a Hot Chocolate Bundle from Carolina Pad to help you stay organized.  What better way to get organized than with Hot Chocolate?

My tips:

  • Carry a small memo book in your purse.  Throughout the next few months ideas for gift giving are going to pop in your head.  You might be out shopping with a girlfriend and she’ll spend extra time looking at a necklace but decide not to buy it for herself.  Write it down in your notebook.  Wouldn’t she be surprised if you bought it for her?
  • Start your name/address list for your Holiday Cards.  One of the reasons I haven’t sent cards out in years is because all those addresses are located in various places…it’s time now to write them in your spiral notebook so that when you are ready everything is right there for you in one place.
  • Save your receipts in one central location – a coupon orgranizer.  Take some small labels and write down the names of people who you buy gifts for and place the labels over the tabs of your coupon organizer.  Whenever you purchase something for someone file the receipt in your coupon organizer under their name.  If you have multiple gifts on one receipt you can make copies or just stick a small note in each persons “file” as to where the original receipt can be found.
  • In your notebook keep a page with everyone’s information such as shoe size, favorite color, and other clothing sizes.  If you have a large shopping list keeping all that information in your head can be overwhelming.
  • As you buy gifts for your children – label them.  I have labels with each of my kids names and I use them on almost everything they own so there is no confusion on Christmas morning as to who got what.  The giveaway this week includes a $30 GC to Label Daddy!


Help us get organized this holiday season and leave your organization tip in a comment below – mandatory entry.

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This giveaway will end October 15th th at 11:59 pm EST. Winners will be determined by Random.org or through random selector installed on my site and will have 48 hours to send contact information to lisa(dot)samples@gmail.com.  US entries only. This listing is compliments of  Carolina Pad and I was not compensated for my time, nor did I receive product!


  1. I have a few school boxes that we used when I was in school and every once in a while I will go around the house with one and pick up what might just be laying around the house. I will then go through this to see what is needed and what is just plain garbage.

  2. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish for the holidays.. so you can tackle a small task a day/ or week.

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  7. I make lists for everything and keep a filing cabinet with all important papers in folders.One list for need to do stuff,one for who to buy for,etc.As I collect gifts I keep a file on my pc so I can refer to it and don’t forget who gets what and wrap them as I get them so they are ready to go

  8. I keep everything for each holiday in it’s own plastic tote. That way I don’t have to search for anything.

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  12. Jennifer W. says

    Since I seem to forget almost everything…I keep list of what needs to be done each day. (Monday – get groceries, pay cable bill) I keep a running list so I don’t forgot to pay a bill…not fun forgeting to pay the water bill and coming home and finding it turned off!!

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  20. organization tip: i keep a spreadsheet on my computer that i roll over each year at the holidays. i have separate tabs for gift giving lists, holiday to dos, xmas card lists, holiday cookies, etc. in the fall each year, i update the tabs and don’t have to start from scratch. plus, since i’ve kept this going for several years, i have an easy reference for what gifts, cards, and cookies i’ve given/made in previous years.

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  24. My get organized tip is to shop early. Sometimes those are the best times. If you shop online, pick times with free shipping, or stores with free shipping, such as AVON or Barefoot books. Make a list for people and wants early (as in NOW) also


  25. ok I am following you on fb and on twitter, and I tweeted! carole43

  26. When I go to wrap the gifts, I put them all on my bed. Then I sort them as to who they go to. I don’t wrap anything until I am assured that I have not forgotten a child in the family. (I only buy for the children). If I have, then I look at who I overbought for, and take redistribute the gifts.

  27. I make lists, then I lose the lists, so I will be following along.

  28. I have list and loose them and then I post and loose them

  29. I always start my Christmas shopping early and I keep a envelope in my purse with the receipts and write down what I buy and for who. That way I don’t forget what I’ve bought and end up buying to much.

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  34. Vickie Couturier says

    My biggest thing I do is make list for everything I need or do so If I find it on sale I can mark it off my list,I usually have the same list every year but it can vary


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  44. Keep a calendar with to do list, shopping list etc. that way everything thing is all in the same place and you not going crazy.

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  48. I have an Xcel spreadsheet that I keep track of Christmas cards each year – I note who I have sent a card to and also who sent ME cards… it might sound mean but you know, sometimes friendships grow apart and you get out of touch, or sometimes people just are not “Card Senders,” and this list helps me see who regularly exchanges Christmas cards with me so I don’t leave them off the list. 🙂

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  62. if you don’t have one, make a list of what you gave last year to mix it up this time

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  66. I always buy my xmas wrapping paper, cards and gift tasgs on sale after xmas to use the following year.
    I keep them organized in a clean, large covered trash can that I keep in the garage with my xmas decorations. The height of the trash can works much better for storing the wrapping paper than other containers.

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  70. My organization tip: invest in a holiday card holder. It’ll save you from letting those wonderful cards pile up on precious counter space, and from trying to “stand” cards up when all they want to do is fall. Mine is in the shape of a wreath and it looks really pretty when all the multi-colored cards and stuck into the slots…it’s a card wreath!


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  72. I also use lists for everyone but instead of keeping a list in my purse I snap pix with my phone of whatever item we found are and then I have a folder listing who it is for and where it was then I try to find a good deal on it and dont lose the pix like I do my notepad

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  80. I prepare all year long – watching for good sales. I store birthday, anniversary, new baby, and Christmas gift purchases in big inexpensive clear plastic tubs wit colored lids. I keep track of purchases on color coordinated 3X5 cards. Usually, I can be done with all my Christmas shopping by October, and then get everything wrapped in November, and shipped the last week of Nov. or first week of Dec. I try very hard to use priority boxes and media mail, whenever possible – saves a ton on mailing costs.

    Decorations are saved in similar way – in large plastic tubs – that are numbered. I keep a file box with 3X5 cards, and have a card for each numbered tub. I list everything that is inside each tub. Easy to find what I need first.

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