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10 Things You Can Do to Become More Attractive in an Instant

Open up a magazine or watch television, and you will see many attractive people, both acting and modeling. Marketing companies and movie makers rely greatly on people with good looks to sell their products and services. Unfortunately, in today’s society, consumers place more emphasis on attractiveness than on kindness.  


There is a saying that “everyone is beautiful to someone” and typically this means your mother. But what if you could be more attractive in an instant? There are many things you could do, besides putting on fine jewelry and expensive clothing, to look more attractive instantly.

Here are 10 things you can do to become more attractive in an instant.

  1. Look to the Left

Many people don’t realize that they have a more appealing side of their face, but they do. A study printed in Experimental Brain Research concluded that the left side of your face is preferred over the right side. There is no scientific evidence related to this conclusion to back up the claim, except for interviews and an experiment that gathered the data.

So, if you are talking with someone, or taking a photo, tilt your head slightly so your left side is facing the other person or camera. You will become instantly more attractive in their eyes.

  1. Wear Red

You may not realize that red is your color, but it seems as if it is everyone’s color. Both men and women prefer the opposite sex when they are wearing red. Men and even women with red hair should go for a dash of red in their clothing.

When men donned red clothing, they signal dominance and status to women. When women wear red, they are signaling sexuality and strength, a combination most men finds irresistible.

  1. Appear Taller

Short men and women seem to have a harder time attracting the beautiful people. Of course, you can’t change your height, but you can appear taller with a few clothing tricks.


Dress with the same color and all the same shades within that color. This is a classy way to dress, and you can’t go wrong with something all black, which not only gives you height, it makes you appear slimmer as well.

  1. Confidence

Even if you don’t have much confidence in yourself, fake it. People who look and act more confident to attract more people to them. The reason is that others want to know what their secret is, even if they don’t find it out.

Extremely shy actors and singers will act with confidence to help them overcome their shyness as well as get through their performances. If you think of your attendance at the office party or wherever, as a performance, you can use the confidence “trick” and be instantly more attractive.

  1. Slip on Some Heels

Women seem sexier in heels then they do in flats. It may be in the way the heels show off their caves or in the way they are forced to walk. A woman wearing heels has to think about the way she walks, and this will give her more confidence, making her more attractive.

  1. Stop Slouching

Your parents were right to keep telling you to “sit up straight” because it makes you more attractive. Individuals that slouch look as if they don’t care about themselves or anyone else. This translates into unattractiveness.

Sitting up straight gives you a look of power and confidence and will help attract others to you. A theatre trick is to pretend there is a string at the top of your head and someone is holding it tight so you have to sit up straight and move deliberately.   

  1. Get the Right Haircut

Skip the cheap haircut and invest in a good hair stylist that can tell you what would look good on you. Allow the stylist to study your face shape and then ask him or her show you photos of something that would look good for your shape of the face and head.

You may think your current hair style is working, but you are used to it and it may be past time to try something new and different. You will not only look better, you will feel better in a hairstyle that looks right for your head and face shape.

  1. Project Strength


When you hold your head up and you pretend there is a string at the top of your head, you will project strength. A strong person, man or woman, is attractive and sexy. 

Keep your hands out of the pockets and always look ahead when you are walking across the room or down the street. Keeping your hands in your pockets or your arms crossed is a signal that you want to be left alone.

  1. Be Vulnerable

This may sound counter to project strength, but once you are talking with someone, you want to be a little vulnerable. You want to be approached in the way you talk and discuss various topics.

You don’t always need to be serious, and to be able to take a joke, even at your own expense, is an attractive quality.

  1. Smile More

You are more approachable when you smile than when you have a fixed stern look about you. If you are embarrassed by your teeth, get them fixed. If you are constantly hiding your teeth and laugh, people will think you are hiding something more.

A big, bright smile is attractive and inviting for those who are looking for a good friend and perhaps more. And sometimes, your smile may be the only one they have received all day. That in and of itself is going to go a long way with the person you smile at.

Once you make yourself more attractive, you need to let your personality and caring nature shine. Being more attractive will get you a look and perhaps someone to talk to at a party, but it won’t keep someone’s interest. Make sure you are a kind person and maybe memorize a few jokes to help get to know another person looking for a connection.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Great tips and some that I was not aware of. We can all use these.