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10 Beach Hacks Everyone NEEDS to know!

Coconut and a sunglasses on a beautiful beach. India Goa.

Summer is here and that means Beach Time! I absolutely LOVE going to the beach with my friends, family, and loved ones. It is simply a great way to spend the day together while relaxing in the beautiful sun and having a great time. If you plan to go to the beach this Summer you will definitely want to know these amazing beach hacks that will make your beach experience so much better and simpler!
1. Use Nail Polish for a Sun “Tattoo”: If you would like to have a fun little print on your skin what you can do is paint whatever shape or print that you want onto your skin using nail polish or elmers glue, allow it to dry up, and then as you lay out in the sun and the rest of your body gets tanner that part will stay whatever color you were before going to the beach and you can simply peel off whatever you used to paint on yourself and you will have a cute little sun tattoo.
2. Pack Sea Salt Spray: If you plan to go somewhere else right after the beach, say dinner or something, a great way to make your hair look awesome is to pack along some sea salt hair spray and you can just spray a bit of that, mixed with the saltwater from the ocean you will have beautiful beach waves to last you throughout the day.
3. Make Aloe Ice Cubes Before Leaving: Sometimes even when we wear sunblock, our skin can still get a bit too much skin and I think everyone knows just how bad a burning and stinging sunburn can feel. If you freeze little Aloe ice cubes before leaving the house you can use them when you get home and the cold will help cool down your burn while the aloe takes out the stinging sensation.
4. Disguise Your Money: It’s not exactly smart to just put your money in a wallet and throw it in your beach bag, you never know who could be rummaging through bags while you are in the ocean. Instead disguise your money. You can do this by emptying a chapstick holder and rolling your money up to fit in there, or completely clean out an empty lotion bottle and you can place your money in there as well. This way everyone simply thinks you have just chapstick or lotion in your bag and your money is safe.
5. Waterproof Your Devices: Taking smart devices to the beach can be pretty dangerous because of three reasons, you can get them wet, you can get sand in the device, or your devices can overheat in the sun. Be sure to put some sort of waterproof case on your smart devices or place them in a ziploc baggy for protection. If you aren’t using them, go ahead and put them into your bag and out from the direct sun so that they do not overheat and become damaged.
6. Use Baby Powder To Remove Sand: Have you ever gotten stubborn sand stuck to your skin while at the beach? I know I have! A great trick it to take a dry towel and a bit of baby powder, the sand wipes right off and you are all clear.
7. Add Some Lemon Juice to Your Hair: If you want a way to naturally lighten your hair while you are simply hanging out at the beach, simply add a bit of lemon juice mixed with water and your hair will naturally lighten throughout the day as you hang out in the sun. You will get a beautiful sun kissed glow to your hair.
8. Pack Snacks: If you’re spending the whole day at the beach, you will probably get hungry throughout the day. A great way to crave that hunger is to pack a bunch of snacks. I recommend individual sized snacks because then you don’t have to worry about resealing any bags or run the risk of sand getting into your food or anything.
9. Freeze Water Bottles Before Leaving:  I think we all know going to the beach, the weather is going to be really hot and nothing is better than cold water on a hot day. I really recommend freezing some water bottles before you go, this way it will melt throughout the day and you will have cold water longer.
10. Use Reusable Bags for Beach Bags: Reusable grocery  bags tend to be more a plastic material which makes them perfect for the beach because they are then water resistant and you won’t have to worry about them getting wet or ruined.
If you plan to be visiting the Beach this summer, be sure to keep these hacks in mind and you will have a great time!