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Wordless Wednesday: Watching My Garden Grow w/LINKY

Don’t laugh.


I planted several different seeds for my flower garden, herb garden, and vegetable garden.  

I forgot to label them.


Any advice?


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  1. Carolyn G says:

    I have planted whatever is in picture #2 and I can’t remember what it is but it is either an herb or veggie. The long skinny ones are veggies or herbs as well. Do you know what you planted? If so, go online and do a search for basil seedlings or tomato seedlings and you will get a picture and you might be able to figure it out. LOL

    Good luck.

    • Yep, I did that but not sure about those long skinny ones. I planted a bunch of things but I am not sure I remember exactly. Basil, Asian Eggplant, a Mixed Herbs one, Marigolds….and something else maybe cucumbers?

  2. I’m just impressed they’re growing. I do not have a very green thumb :-/.

  3. You can play “Guess what we’re eating” each time it’s dinner!

  4. Oh no, that stinks.

  5. Oh man! I wish I had some advice, but I’m really bad with plants. Hope they’re fruitful though 🙂

  6. Oh no! I I wish I had some advice, I hope you are able to figure which is which.

  7. oohh man, that totally blows!! but I love gardening.. I might do this.

  8. I’m holding back my laugh as much as possible ….. but umm, yeah, just plant them, you’ll find out eventually.

  9. No advice, I kill plants!!

  10. If that 3 pot tray is from K-cups – they sent Basil, Parsley and Marigold. I would just plant everythign and see what you get! Good Luck!

  11. That sounds like something I would do! At least they are growing though!

  12. It looks great so far!! My advice is to just plant them and hope for the best! You’ll know what they are when things start sprouting!

  13. courtney b says:

    gorgeous! i tried to grow a garden once but it died! lol

  14. Mary Ambrosino says:

    It is always nice to be surprised. It will give you something to look forward to.

  15. Oh dear. Sorry I dont plant so I dont have any advice. Guess just wait and see? I’m sure it will work out fine

  16. Sweet! I didn’t realize it was time to start growing. I want to grow this year too!

  17. If you remember what you planted, then after the true leaves start appearing and grow a bit, you’ll be able to identify them online. Just put in the name of what you planted into Google search.. like “basil seedlings” and search images. You’ll probably be able to identify them all soon. Good luck and happy harvest!


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