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Wordless Wednesday: Flowers from Callaway Gardens Summer Family Adventure

Some miscellaneous flowers at Callaway Gardens from our Summer Family Adventure stay in June.

Which one do you like best?

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  1. Beautiful. I’m drawn to reds and pinks…they are just stunning. However, I love that yellow one with the hints of pink.

    • if you look real close to the yellow flower there is a tiny green fly on the petal…didn’t notice it until after i took the picture

  2. I love the pinks! Stunning captures. I have a WW linky on my blog today. Happy WW!

  3. Love them. That orange is so vibrant.

  4. Those are so incredibly beautiful! I’d love to have flowers like that in my own yard!

  5. They are all gorgeous but I am a sucker for pink!

  6. Very beautiful, it is hard to pick which is my favorite.

  7. beautiful pictures. Love those colors.

  8. those are all beautiful!

  9. Those are sooo pretty!

  10. Nice shots… very lovely.

  11. Mary Ambrosino says:

    I think they are zinnias. Great work as usual.

  12. Love the flowers! My WW was flowers too! Such a great part of summer!

  13. Hi…I really love this post!!!Thanks for sharing it to us…

  14. They all look stunning and exquisite. But if I were to choose one, I would pick the orange which is the less common color for flowers.

  15. They are so nice lowers..Very colorful especially to the eyes…

  16. I love adventures and I think this is the best you can ever have!!Love the colors of the flowers here,…

  17. Beautiful flowers!

  18. The flowers look really fresh!!This is really awesome!!

  19. I love the theme of your site here and I hope I can find almost the same too…Thanks for the inspiration…

  20. Hi…I love flowers and your theme here is awesome!!