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How is Travel the Best Teacher of All the Time?

While not many of the people out there would not agree, but the truth is that real education happens when one steps out of his/her comfort zone, starts taking decisions on their own and fights with odd situations without seeking any help. Though schools teach us a lot about life and situations, travel teaches more than that. It gives us real life situations to handle and tests us in every step. Also, it is one of the best and simplest ways to learn about things that matter. So, before you check flight status at Yatra and go ahead to catch that much-awaited flight to your dream destination, we say, give yourself a minute and read the things that travel teaches you. Trust us; this read would make your vacation even more special. Here are a few reasons why we think travel is the best teacher for all of us!

You Get to Learn Different Languages

Remember the time when you were forced in the school to learn German or Spanish, well, no matter how you hated taking up the class, when traveling you just love to learn the local language. That’s the beauty if traveling. You meet people from all around the world and get a fair chance to master the languages (other than your mother tongue) you learned as a kid. Also, when visiting someplace new with a language you have never spoken before, learn the basics through videos and apps and leave the rest for practical training.

You Improve Your Management Skills

If you happen to be a spoilt kid who always had someone by their side to get the job done, you must be terribly bad at managing things. However, when you start traveling, especially alone, you learn to do and manage things on your own. There would, of course, be many obstacles when you try to manage things for the first time but after a while, you’ll understand the game, and it would become a routine for you.

Your Learn About History

Learning about history while traveling is entirely different from mugging it up from a book. Strolling through the streets of any historic district is way different than reading about in a book or over the internet. The insights and information offered by the locals are much more precious that that available in textbooks. Understanding history while being there on the location provides you with a whole different viewpoint.

You Learn How to Get Social

If you are an outgoing introvert (a mix of introvert and extrovert), you will understand this well. Talking to people for straight 3 or 4 hours is one of the biggest nightmares of people who fall into the category of outgoing introverts but still manage it really well. The more you travel, the more you get comfortable talking and interacting with new people. That’s the beauty of traveling. Don’t you agree?

You Get to Take Independence in a Different Way

Traveling teaches you to be independent and makes you great at making decisions. Also, it makes you take freedom in an altogether different way. After you have travelled to a few places, you nor more crave for being away from home and living your independently. Home becomes a heavenly abode, and you crave going back after a long vacation.

While these are only a few, many other wonderful things travel teaches us. So, make the most of the time of your exploration journey and learn as much as you can because this time will never be back again. Now, go ahead check flight status at Yatra for your upcoming travel and keep these things in mind while exploring the beauty of the place you are visiting.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says:

    I tptally agree. Travel broadens your horizons and can be done inexpensively if you do your research.