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Top Travel Apps for Seniors: Using Technology to Protect Our Most Vulnerable

These days, seniors around the world are traveling more than ever. Whereas the 60-something crowd used to be a rather staid and stay-at-home bunch, 21st century senior citizens tend to be on the move. If you are a Baby Boomer who enjoys voyaging here and there with ease, there are a number of high-tech travel apps you’ll want to know about. Here are a few of our favorites:

Travel apps to help seniors plan local and global excursions

Why look out a window when you can take a quick glance at your mobile device and determine what the weather’s like outside? With one easy-to-use travel app, seniors can obtain accurate, up-to-the-minute local neighborhood weather reports as well as climate and atmospheric condition forecasts for a wide range of global locations. To use the weather app, simply download and allow it to install on your phone or other mobile device. As long as an internet connection is available, senior travelers can find out what’s happening weather wise virtually anywhere.

The Weather Live free app from Apalon offers an effortless way for senior travelers to find out when sunrise and sunset are due at any specific location on the planet, as well. This info can come in quite handy especially when seniors want to schedule a special sunset celebration away from home.

Apps that facilitate senior air travel

When smart software helps elders get through airport security checkpoints with ease, seniors boost their travel enjoyment exponentially. One such app is MyTSA. Recommended by Travel with Aging Parents magazine, MyTSA allows seniors and other travelers a hand-held way to ensure the items they wish to take aboard an aircraft are allowed by the Transportation Security Administration.

For instance, if a senior needs to know if they may take fireworks, an oxygen tank, an electronic cigarette or a particular aerosol or gel when they board a flight to see the grandkids, they can find out instantaneously with the MyTSA app. Frankly, today’s TSA travel restrictions can be more than a little bit confounding. This user-friendly app saves loads of time, reduces tension and spares senior nerves at municipal, regional and international airports from coast to coast.

Travel apps to help mobile seniors stay in touch

Seniors ensure they can stay in touch with friends and family when they travel with a HooToo Tripmate Elite Wireless Travel Router, says Business Insider magazine. Equipped with two USB ports that may be used to charge phones, iPads and other internet devices, the HooToo travel router is right for seniors who desire a wireless experience on the road, aboard a cruiseliner or in the sky.

If you’re a community elder who’s not ready to retire from travel adventures, be sure to take along a sweet selection of senior-friendly travel apps. Most apps are easy to install and super simple to use. If you need help understanding any computer application, feel free to ask a grandkid for assistance.

Charlie Holmes works in the travel industry, and has been working in a variety of roles for over a decade. He writes about all aspects of travel for audiences young and old.