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Tips For A Healthy And Happy Vacation

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A vacation is designed to be the ultimate time to forget about your issues and those of the world. Kick back and rest the day away. See those sights you’ve been dreaming of. Have the excursion you’ll never expect. Of course, while you’re putting this all together, you want to be safe and healthy. There are many ways to target this issue.

Eat Well

It may sound a bit silly, but there is such a thing as post vacation syndrome. This isn’t a disease in the conventional sense, just the sunburned skin and extra pounds that tend to accompany a typical vacation.

When it comes to eating well, one of the best things you can do is plan. Most people build their vacations around the attractions and just promise to eat wherever they are allowed. However, it’s possible that this will cost you money in addition to not eating as well as you should. As a result, you’re going to want to plan ahead for your meals, even consider cooking rather than constantly eating out if this is an option for you. Another thing that you’ll want to do is invest in some healthy snacks. Nuts, seeds, and other foods will keep you full on the go without feeling the extra need to eat.

It’s okay if you cheat every now and again, after all, you’re on vacation! However, overindulging may lead to issues that may disrupt your vacation rather than enhance it.

Stay Safe

There are some general good practices that you can use to stay safe abroad.

  1. Stay off social media. Don’t tip criminals off by sharing too much information on your social networks. Refrain from posting photos, status updates, or “checking in” while on vacation. Even if you have the highest security settings on Facebook and Twitter, your personal information could still be seen by unwanted eyes.
  2. Tell friends and family at home your itinerary. It’s a good idea to let family and friends know your plans. Always let someone know when you’re expected to be back and what route you’re planning to take.
  3. Keep cash and credit cards separate places. Never carry your credit cards, cash, and passport at the same time. You’ll want to keep some cash in your wallet, and then stash the rest in a pocket or money pouch. If you have a safe in your hotel room, leave the majority of your cash there and only bring what you’ll need for the day.
  4. Make a copy of your passport. You’ll want to make two copies of your passport. Leave one copy at home with a trusted friend or family member and take another copy with you. When you go out sightseeing, take the copy with you and leave the original in a hotel safe until you are ready to travel again.
  5. Do a security sweep of your hotel room. Always keep your hotel door locked and never answer it for someone you don’t know. If you can, try to get a room near the front desk or the elevator.

However, if you are taking a road trip or are living in an area where public transportation isn’t an option, you will need to drive. This comes with its own hiccups. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of healthy Americans abroad. Even if you survive, an injury can lead to lost income and permanent damage depending on their severity. You can start handling this issue, again, with preparation. Part of this begins with understanding the traffic rules and norms of where you are traveling if you choose to drive. However, sometimes, you may end up in an accident even if it is not your fault.

In need and want to find some support in this area? Contact the Noll Law Office for a car accident attorney. They have a proven track record of getting financial compensation and support for people who have dealt with car accidents. This includes people in their native Illinois as well as people who are traveling. While it may not seem like the last thing you want to have on your mind, staying safe on your trip is paramount. A little extra work now will allow you to relax later.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says:

    Great tips fpr my next vacarion. Thanks I will cut this article out and leave it in my suitcase.