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No Time To Cook? Effortless Meals with Coca-Cola and Walmart To The Rescue

Thanks to The Coca-Cola Company for providing compensation for this blog post.

No Time To Cook? Effortless Meals with Coca-Cola and Walmart To The Rescue

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I know I’m not alone. Sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day and meals suffer.  I do (or hubby does) cook more often than not, but it’s nice to be able to run into Walmart and pick up an effortless meal (complete with beverage options, thanks to Coca-Cola).  Why Coca-Cola?  Well, if you purchase Coke and Effortless Meals you unlock My Coke Rewards (MCR) Bonus Points!  My son loves MCR so not only can I bring home pizza, rotisserie chicken, or sandwich meals but I give him more rewards to find his favorite things from Coca-Cola!

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3 Best Occasions for Effortless Meals

  • Back-to-School Dinner Solutions: Every new school year is hectic at our house and Walmart’s Effortless Meals in their deli makes the stress of going back to school so much easier. Whether we grab some quick sandwiches before Open House or after the first day back it’s nice to know we don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner.
  • After Church: It seems like after mass is over all the local restaurants have a wait so we started a tradition where we go to Walmart and grab a rotisserie chicken, potato salad, and a 2-liter of Coca-Cola then go to the lakefront and grab a picnic table to enjoy lunch.
  • Football Season: Every football season there is Thursday Night Football and pizza meals from Effortless Meals are a great addition to our home tailgating!  It leaves us plenty of time to get ready for some football!

When are Effortless Meals the answer for your family?



  1. Mary Ambrosino says:

    In fact that is what we had last night. The Walmart chicken was great. Thanks Coke.