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Travel: The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort Review

We are doing a 3-part series on our recent stay at The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort focusing on the hotel, the food, and the excursions. I hope you will check back over the next couple weeks as we share our getaway with you in celebration of their 75-year anniversary.

Nestled on St. Simons Island on the coast of Georgia you will find a historical treasure known as The King and Prince.  Immediately upon arrival it felt like going back to a historical time and place.  It felt like the rich and famous of the 1920s.  The buildings and grounds were impeccable and the sounds of the waves beating on the rocks only added to the mystical atmosphere.

The Entrance


View from the Beach

The Grounds

The lobby was just as nice.  If you closed your eyes you could almost imagine what The King and Prince might have looked like during the 20s and 30s.  It was a retreat for the rich and famous where everyone “in the know” gathered for fun.  The lobby, the second floor, and the staircase are all in line with the original decor.  Even through the worse hurricanes they were able to keep the original stained glassed windows in the dining area.


The Lobby

My Husband's Favorite Accent Piece

Original Stained Glass Windows

Our room was located in the oceanfront building – a newer addition from the main historical building.  We liked how, as they added on, they kept the same overall feel throughout the resort.  Our king-bedded balcony room overlooked the swimming pools and the ocean.  All the rooms have been recently renovated and the color choice – blues/yellows – were very relaxing.  The bed was super high (especially for a 5’2″ shorty like me), but were ubber comfortable – especially with the tons of extra pillows.  The bonus feature of the room other than the mini-fridge was the KEURIG!  Yes, the room came with complimentary coffee, tea, and cocoa and it’s own Keurig coffeemaker.

Philosopher James

Our Room

Sitting Area

Modern Conveniences

The resort featured tons of amenities ranging from a spa to fitness center.  All were maintained nicely and all the machines were fully functional.  The pool/beach area was the selling point for me and my hubby.  Bragging 4 pools (including an indoor pool in the lobby area) we spent an entire day lounging in the chairs poolside/oceanside.  They also offered a full menu and cocktail service (look for our food/beverage post).  If golf is  your thing they have their own course as well – but neither of us golf.  The resort did give us some great leads on things to do in and around St. Simons Island and we took advantage of a few of them (look for our posts).

High Tide

View From Our Balcony

The Pool

James and Lisa

Tide Going Out

Tide Going Out

If you are looking for a great vacation package, look no further.  The King and Prince offers some great discounts throughout the year such as a Beach, Bed & Breakfast package and Golf package.

Find The King and Prince on Twitter.

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Read The King and Prince Blog.

Call for reservations: 877.475.0972

Disclosure: We were invited as guest to The King and Prince to facilitate our review.  Our opinions are in no way influenced by our complimentary stay.

Disclaimer: Dear Keurig – please know that I feel in love with you at the hotel and you are at the top of my Christmas wish list.


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